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  1. 22 de nov. de 2023 · "The most brilliant and incisive new book on Eliot." —Colm Tóibín, Irish Times Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, T.S. Eliot was considered the greatest English-language poet of his generation.

  2. 15 de nov. de 2023 · Eliot’s post-Cambridge odyssey was punctuated by personal turmoil, notably in his tumultuous marriage with Vivienne Haigh-Wood. The strains of marital discord and emotional turbulence cast a shadow over his personal life, introducing a layer of complexity that reverberated through his poetry.

  3. 21 de nov. de 2023 · "In this splendid biography, Lyndall Gordon offers a comprehensive, balanced account of T. S. Eliot’s hidden love for Emily Hale set in relation to his poetry, spiritual journey, and three other important women in his life—Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot, Mary Trevelyan, and Valerie Fletcher Eliot.

  4. 25 de nov. de 2023 · Answer: Vivienne Haigh-Wood Tom and Vivienne were married on June 26, 1915. He married Esme on January 10, 1957. Joan Aiken was the daughter of his great friend Conrad Aiken. Dora Black was married to Bertrand Russell, who had a brief affair with Vivienne.

  5. 20 de nov. de 2023 · After his disastrous marriage to Vivienne Haigh Wood broke down in 1933, Eliot lived a solitary and celibate life until his happy marriage to Valerie Fletcher. Despite his fame, during those years, he lived an austere life of penance, and was much influenced by St. John of the Cross.

  6. 21 de nov. de 2023 · He returned to London 1915, where he met Vivienne Haigh-Wood before marrying her. Haigh-Wood's mental health struggles greatly impacted their marital life. In London, Eliot worked as a...

  7. 27 de nov. de 2023 · Eliot and Vivienne separated in 1933, and she was admitted to a psychiatric ward in 1938, apparently committed by her brother Maurice. She lived out the rest of her days there, dying in 1947. Eliot remarried in 1957, with Esmé. Although his time with Vivienne was miserable, he never considered divorce because of his Anglican beliefs.