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  1. All Star Tower Defense is, as the name suggests, a tower defense type game but instead of your regular turret and guns, they are anime based characters. The game offers a large variety of characters from protagonists to villains, and One Piece to Demon Slayer characters.

  2. Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki. New Units. This page lists all the New Units recently added to the game. New Units. 7 Star Units. 6 Star Units. 5 Star Units. 4 Star Units. 3 Star Units. Gold Units. Event Units. Retired Units. Capsule Units. Dungeon Units. Star Pass Units. Alternative Skin Units. PvP Reward Units. Meta Tier List.

  3. 29 de dez. de 2023 · All Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game created by Top Down Games on May 7, 2020. The game's units, bosses, and many other aspects are inspired by certain anime series. In the game players equip and deploy towers to defend their base from incoming enemies for as many waves as possible.

  4. Maps are areas in the game in which matches are played and place their units. They are all based on anime locations. There are a total of 56 maps in the game. The easiest story mode map is Namek. It is usually used by people who want to test if their units are good or not. In the Challenge 1...

  5. Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki. Bosses. Category page. This category contains either PvP bosses or units that appear as bosses in Story Mode stages, Trials, Raids, or Challenges . Alligator. Borul (Boss) Dark Magician (Zeref) Dark Wing. Davi. Double (Boss) Eyezen. Finch. Godus (Boss) Golden Supreme-Leader. Hog Eyzen. Ice-Jaw. Jackzon. Ketchup.

  6. Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Wiki. Lore (The Pharaoh) (This was taken from The Pharaoh 's wiki page.) Fruity stated that due to Exodia not being completed, that he would be searching until he found all the parts. He ended up finding them, but somebody "stole" his opportunity.

  7. por Beatriz Chiessi. 13 de julho de 2022. em Outros Games. Tempo de Leitura: 2 mins read. All Star Tower Defense é um dos jogos mais populares do MMO Roblox. A versão conta com uma variedade de conteúdos inéditos e personagens baseados nos mangás Shōnen, Dragonball, Naruto e One Piece. PUBLICIDADE.

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