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  1. a tiny website by neal. Games, visualizations, interactives and other weird stuff.

    • Sell! Sell! Sell

      A visualization of the most sold products around the world....

    • Share This Page

      There are so many ways to share this page.

    • Speed

      Tectonic plates travel at about 2 inches per year. Meaning...

    • Rocks

      A peaceful rock stacking game.

  2. A game that tests your circle drawing skills. Try to draw a perfect circle and see how close you can get.

  3. Drag elements to craft. Discoveries. Sort by time. Reset. A crafting game where you can make anything. No really it's pretty much endless I think.

  4. is a website created by Neal Agarwal that showcases the amazing creatures and phenomena of the deep sea. Learn about the deepest dives, the oldest turtles, the largest crabs, the bioluminescent fish, and more with stunning images and facts.

  5. Explore the layers of Earth's atmosphere and the history of space exploration with this space elevator simulation. Learn about the temperature, pressure, clouds, and animals at different altitudes, and see how fast you can reach space.

  6. An interactive visualization of the enormous objects in our universe. See how the Earth compares to the Sun, black holes and the Milky Way.

  7. A fun and interactive game that lets you spend 100 billion dollars on various items and services. You can buy a Big Mac, a Tesla, a Ferrari, a cruise ship, or even a NBA team with Bill Gates' money.

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