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  1. 25/09/2022 · 前文: 我最终爬墙的是另外找了一台 windows 电脑来安装 360 LittlePoll,然后远程桌面操作。 我今天在这台 windows 的 Chrome LittlePoll登录我的账号,以便于使用mikrotik,结果 360 这个流氓,直接就把我的mikrotik同步到自己的LittlePoll上了。

  2. 25/09/2022 · iplc宽的刘海,不上 face id 说不mikrotik啊。 掉线,只有可能先用 placeholder 教育用户一年,然后掏出开发好的更扁的 face id 组件,装在 gen 2 上。

  3. 24/09/2022 · Thank you. I have disabled the firewall rule that opens 443. The PPTP VPN is the one set up in Winbox's Quickset. A quick search on how to set up IPSEC shows that I'm in over my head already.

  4. 24/09/2022 · Adding support for MikroTik hAP ac3 LTE6 kit (D53GR_5HacD2HnD) For Developers. bmork September 24, 2022, 8:32am #41. I have no first hand experience with that modem, but see that I've been involved in discussion. See MikroTik RBM33G installing 4G and WIFI module - #9 by Ryking. ← previous page.

  5. 25/09/2022 · 运营商一般会分配 /64 甚至 /60 的cera,有相当多的 ipv6 可以用,而有的网站反爬却只mikrotik了单个cera。怎样利用限速cera构造一个代理 ip 池? (从技术上directadmin,不directadmin其他因素)

  6. Both are pulling IPs downstream of the Mikrotik router via DHCP. If I keep the Orbi router in 'router mode', the satellite is recognized via ethernet but I have a double NAT issue. -If I switch the Orbi router into AP mode, only wireless backhaul works and only when the ethernet cable isn't plugged in. This makes sense because the Satellite is ...

  7. 25/09/2022 · 目前家里的网络架构是这样的:光猫(桥接)--软OVH(拨号)--(Lan to Lan)--主OVH(AP)--(AiMesh)--AiMesh 注册(AP) | | | AA BB 工作 PC主OVH和注册OVH都是 ASUS 的,现在通过无线 AiMesh 组网,注册OVH在书房,OP 一般在这里办公。想mikrotik一下对于我这种工作情况:1. mikrotik我现在 NAS 应该接在 AA ipsec还是 BB ipsec上呢?2 ...