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  1. An interactive game that lets you spend Bill Gates' money. What would you do with 100 billion dollars?

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  3. 6 de abr. de 2024 · Dive into the Spend Bill Gates Money game and experience the thrill of making lavish purchases with 100 billion dollars. Unleash your imagination, explore endless possibilities, and see how you’d shape your own billionaire lifestyle.

  4. a tiny website by neal. Games, visualizations, interactives and other weird stuff.

  5. Spend Bill Gates' Money is an interactive game that gives you access to a virtual 100 billion dollars! This game engages your imagination and strategy, as you decide how to deplete the mega-billionaire's account.

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  6. 18 de set. de 2021 · Conheça o jogo Spend Bill Gates' Money que simula quais itens podem ser comprados com a fortuna do bilionário. Game é gratuito e online; veja como jogar o título no PC top e últimas

  7. A visualization of salaries and company profits. See how your salary compares to CEOs.