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  1. The GGW initiative’s ambition is to restore 100 million hectares of currently degraded land; sequester 250 million tons of carbon and create 10 million green jobs by 2030. This will help communities living along the Wall to grow: one of humanity’s most precious natural assets: fertile land.

  2. The Great Green Wall is a continent-wide project to grow a 8,000km natural wonder of the world across the Sahel region, leveraging the land-water-energy Nexus to restore degraded landscapes, improve food security, jobs and stability, and address climate change and migration challenges. Learn how the initiative supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global community with its epic ambition and global symbol.

    • UN Campus 53113 Bonn Germany
    • 0173 2687592
  3. The Great Green Wall or Great Green Wall of the Sahara and the Sahel (French: Grande Muraille Verte pour le Sahara et le Sahel; Arabic: السور الأخضر العظيم, romanized: as-Sūr al-ʾAkhḍar al-ʿAẓīm) is a project adopted by the African Union in 2007, initially conceived as a way to combat desertification in the ...

    • Great Green Wall (GGW)
    • Combat desertification, improve soil fertility, and promote sustainable land use practices.
    • 2005; 18 years ago, 2010 (Agency)
    • African Union
  4. 19 de out. de 2023 · Great Green Wall. The "Great Green Wall" is an initiative to increase the amount of arable land in the Sahel, the region bordering Africa's Sahara Desert. Eleven nations are investing in projects as varied as agroforestry to sustainable development. In Africa, scientists are hard at work restoring land once rich with biodiversity and vegetation.

  5. The Great Green Wall is one of the most inspirational and urgent movements of our times. This African-led initiative aims to grow an 8000km new world wonder across the entire width of the Continent to transform the lives of millions living on the frontline of climate change.

  6. The Great Green Wall is a project of more than 20 African countries and international organizations to create a mosaic of green and productive landscapes across North Africa, the Sahel and the Horn. It aims to combat climate change, food insecurity and poverty by restoring 780 million hectares of arid and semi-arid land by 2030.

  7. 4 de mai. de 2022 · The project to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land by 2030 faces funding, governance and measurement challenges. The editorial suggests solutions such as a single trust fund and improved metrics that consider social and environmental impacts.

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