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  1. Samuel Slater (June 9, 1768 – April 21, 1835) was an early English-American industrialist known as the "Father of the American Industrial Revolution", a phrase coined by Andrew Jackson, and the "Father of the American Factory System".

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    Industrial anglo-americano do algodão nascido em Belper, Derbyshire, Inglaterra, reconhecido como fundador da indústria do algodão nos Estados Unidos e um pioneiro deste sistema de manufatura ...

  3. 17 de abr. de 2024 · Samuel Slater (born June 9, 1768, Belper, Derbyshire, England—died April 21, 1835, Webster, Massachusetts, U.S.) was an English American businessman and founder of the American cotton-textile industry.

  4. 29 de mai. de 2018 · Business Leaders. Samuel Slater Builds the First Factory. views 1,890,881 updated May 29 2018. SAMUEL SLATER BUILDS THE FIRST FACTORY. As a young British immigrant, Samuel Slater took credit for building the United States ' first successful water-powered cotton mill in 1790.

  5. 20 de dez. de 2017 · With technical know-how and entrepreneurial spirit, Samuel Slater helped build early American industry–becoming rich and famous along the way.

  6. Samuel Slater. Born on June 9, 1768, Samuel Slater was the fifth son of William and Elizabeth Slater. Slater grew up on a farm in Belper, Derbyshire, England. After attending school, he began work in a water-powered textile mill owned by Jedediah Strutt. Strutt taught Slater how the machines worked.

  7. 5 de out. de 2019 · Slater defied the British law against the emigration of textile workers in order to seek his fortune in America. He arrived in New York in 1789 and wrote to Moses Brown of Pawtucket to offer his services as a textile expert.