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  1. Pécs (Pečuj ou Печуј em sérvio, Pečuh em croata, Fünfkirchen em alemão, Päťkostolie em eslovaco, Peçuy em turco) é uma cidade e um condado urbano (megyei jogú város em húngaro) da Hungria, localizada no sudoeste do país. Pécs é a capital do condado de Baranya e a quinta maior cidade do país.

    • 163 km²
    • Baranya
    • Brasão de armas
    • Hungria
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    Pécs (/ p eɪ tʃ / PAYTCH, Hungarian: ⓘ; Croatian: Pečuh; German: Fünfkirchen, pronounced [fʏnfˈkɪʁçn̩] ⓘ; also known by alternative names) is the fifth largest city in Hungary, on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the country's southwest, close to the border with Croatia.

  3. Os melhores pontos turísticos em Pecs, Hungria. O que fazer: Pecs. Explore experiências badaladas. Confira o que outros viajantes gostam de fazer, de acordo com as pontuações e o número de reservas. Veja tudo.

  4. 2 minutos. Pécs em 1 dia: Roteiro Pelos Pontos Turísticos. Aproveite ao máximo sua estadia em Pécs, a encantadora cidade da Hungria, com este roteiro de um dia que combina passeios pagos e gratuitos. Descubra as belas paisagens, a cultura local e os encantos desta cidade histórica.

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    Visit Széchenyi Square, the heart of the city

    Széchenyi Square is the main square enclosed by beautiful buildings such as the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim, the City Hall, 18th century Fatebenefratelli Church or the Pécs County house. Once, in the Middle Ages, it was the main marketplace in Pécs. The Holy Trinity Statue is in the middle of the square, along with the statue of János Hunyadi, a famous Hungarian leader from the 15thcentury. Széchenyi Square is busy any time of the day, and plenty of cafés and restaurants tempt you to sit out o...

    Walk all around the city center

    There’s not only one walking street in the historical center, rather the heart of the city is a walking zone itself. Király Street is the main walking street, with the National Theatre of Pécs, the Art Nouveau Palatinus Hotel, the oldest café in Hungary (called Caflisch), opened in 1789, Vasváry House and some more fabulous old façades. But all the surrounding narrow streets, like Jókai square or Irgalmasok street, offer nice surprises. And hey, there’s Hungary’s most popular place for lovelo...

    Visit the Mosque of Pasha Gazi Kasim

    This is a strange one: a mosque that functions as a Catholic church. It was originally built as a Gothic church, but was turned into a mosque during the 150-year Ottoman occupation in the 16-17th centuries. Finally, later in the 18thcentury, Hungary got the land back and converted it to a Catholic church – and it remained so until today. The combination of Muslim crescent moon and Christian cross on its dome symbolizes very well what a unique mix this church is.It has all the typical Ottoman...

    Whatever your preferences are in terms of location, budget, or parking, there are tons of accommodations to choose from in Pécs. Adele Boutique Hotel(4 stars) is only 200 meters from the Mosque of Pasha Gázi Kászim Pasha and Széchenyi Square, located in a nice historical building. It has a tiny garden in the inner yard, offers both simple rooms and...

    Pécs is located in southwestern Hungary, close to the Croatian border. Driving from Budapest to Pécs takes about 2.5 hours, but it can be reached by direct trains, too. Trains are frequent, and the journey is under 3 hours. See the schedule here. If you’d travel to Pécs from any other Hungarian city though, you need to travel to Budapest first, the...

    The answer is short and sweet: on foot. All the attractions are located near each other, the city center is lovely and walkable. The train station, which is “very far” from the center, takes about 20 minutes of walking to reach.

    One day is enough to comfortably walk around in the city center. Add one or more days if you’d like to visit museums and savor the café scene. Add a few more if you’d like to do some day trips and hikes in the area.

    Other places worth exploring near Pécs are the medieval castles ofSiklós and Szigetvár, the Villány Wine Region or the Danube-Drava National Park. Swim in Lake Orfű in the summer. Visit the karst cave of Abaliget. Nearby Mecsek Mountainsoffer countless hiking opportunities. Osijek is on the other side of the border, in Croatia, and is a lovely day ...

  5. 30 de out. de 2023 · Pecs Town Hall. 10 Things To Do In Pecs. There are lots of great things to do in and around Pecs and it’s a lovely place to visit and wander around for a day. For those looking to get a holistic view of Hungary and who want to head to a city that doesn’t get a lot of international visitors, then make sure to head to this little city. Calvary Hill.

  6. Ficar hospedado no Centro em Pécs. Na nossa opinião o melhor local de onde ficar em Pécs é o Centro. A linda cidade localizada no interior da Hungria foi projetada em cima de uma antiga cidade romana chamada “Sopianae” e, até hoje, preserva muitos monumentos históricos incríveis em seu subsolo.