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  1. Nathan Paul Myhrvold (born August 3, 1959), formerly Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, is co-founder of Intellectual Ventures and the principal author of Modernist Cuisine and its successor books.

    • Rosemarie Havranek
  2. Learn about Nathan Myhrvold, a visionary technology and business leader who has written books, done research, and photographed Spinosaurus and other topics. Explore his essays, columns, videos, and current projects on topics such as climate, pizza, and banking.

  3. Dr. Nathan Myhrvold is a prominent scientist, technologist, inventor, author, and food photographer. In a 14-year tenure at Microsoft, Myhrvold led advanced technology and business development groups, founded Microsoft Research, managed an R&D budget of $2 billion, and served as the company’s chief strategist and chief technology officer.

  4. Nathan Myhrvold is founder of Modernist Cuisine and lead author of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Modernist Cuisine at Home, The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, Modernist Bread and the forthcoming Modernist Pizza.

  5. Nathan Myhrvold is a former Microsoft executive and a prolific inventor who founded Intellectual Ventures and Global Good. He has also published scientific research in various fields and cookbooks on cooking and paleontology. Learn more about his career, achievements, and interests at Microsoft Research.

  6. Nathan Myhrvold is a physicist, inventor, and entrepreneur who has a Ph.D. in theoretical and mathematical physics from Princeton University and a background in geophysics, space physics, and economics. He is the founder and CEO of Modernist Cuisine, a company that produces high-end cuisine products, and the co-founder and former CEO of Intellectual Ventures, a company that invests in technology and innovation.