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    24 de mai. de 2024 · John Backus was a mathematician and computer scientist who led the team that created FORTRAN, a breakthrough programming language for scientific users. He also made significant contributions to functional programming languages, systems theory and software project management.

  2. 27 de mai. de 2024 · Entre 1942 e 1945 surgiu a Plankalkul, primeira linguagem de programação de alto nível, criada pelo alemão Konrad Zuse. Contudo, a primeira linguagem comercializada - FORTRAN, foi disponibilizada apenas em 1954, pela equipe da IBM, liderada pelo cientista da computação John Backus. 1970: Bancos de Dados Relacionais

  3. 4 de jun. de 2024 · John Backus was the second son of Bartholomew Backus of Trumpington, and Elizabeth, daughter of John Ware of Foulborne. He appeared in the Visitation of Cambridgeshire in 1619.

  4. 7 de jun. de 2024 · Created by John Backus, Fortran (short for Formula Translation) is possibly the oldest programming language still in use today. It’s specifically designed for complex statistical, mathematical,...

  5. Há 3 dias · Instead, Joy was inspired by FP, a pure functional language by John Backus, who also gave us Fortran and BNF (Backus-Naur Form). In FP, the function composition operator f∘g is so central to programming that Manfred decided to make a language where function composition is written in left-to-right evaluation order as juxtaposition ( g f ).

  6. 26 de mai. de 2024 · FORTRAN and Beyond: The first commercially available high-level programming language was FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation), developed by a team led by John Backus at IBM in 1956.

  7. Há 4 horas · The first computer language ever developed was called Fortran, which stands for “Formula Translation”. It was created by a team of IBM programmers led by John Backus in the 1950s. Fortran was primarily designed to facilitate mathematical and scientific calculations, revolutionizing the way computers could be used in these fields.