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  1. James Barney Pollack (July 9, 1938 – June 13, 1994) was an American astrophysicist who worked for NASA 's Ames Research Center . Pollack was born on July 9, 1938, in New York City, [1] and was brought up in Woodmere, Long Island by a Jewish family that was in the women's garment business.

  2. James B. Pollack ( 9 de julho de 1938 – 13 de junho de 1994) foi um astrofísico estadunidense. Trabalhou no NASA Ames Research Center . Obteve um mestrado em física nuclear na Universidade da Califórnia em Berkeley em 1962, e um Ph.D na Universidade Harvard em 1965, orientado por Carl Sagan. [ 1][ 2] Recebeu o Prêmio Gerard P. Kuiper de 1989.

  3. James B. Pollack (July 9, 1938 – June 13, 1994) was an American astrophysicist who worked for NASA's Ames Research Center. Pollack specialized in atmospheric science, especially the atmospheres of Mars and Venus.

  4. A key scientist in every major planetary mission mounted by NASA since 1971, including Mariner 9, Viking, Voyager, Pioneer Venus, Galileo, Mars Observer, and Cassini, Pollack did seminal work on all of the planets visited by these craft.

  5. Jim Pollack was a theoretical astrophysicist whose career covered that Golden Age of Planetary Exploration, when NASA started launching small, ambitious, inconspicuous spacecraft into space, travelling millions and millions of miles to

  6. 1 de jan. de 1994 · Jim studied and wrote about every planet in the solar system. For, this he was perhaps the most distinguished planetary scientist of his generation. He successfully identified the composition of Saturn's rings and Venus's clouds.

  7. 15 de jun. de 1994 · James B. Pollack, the senior research scientist in the space science division of NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif., died Monday at his home at San...