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  1. Há 6 dias · The European countries with German-speaking majorities are Germany (95%, 78.3 million), Austria (89%, 8.9 million), and Switzerland (65%, 4.6 million), also known as the "D-A-CH" countries. Other European countries and regions with a German-speaking majority include Liechtenstein Alsace region of France, and the German-speaking ...

  2. Há 6 dias · There are 3 million German-speakers in Brazil, slightly over 1.5% of population. Chile: The German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce estimated at 500,000 the descendants of Germans, about 3% of the total population of Chile estimated at 16 million (in the same source). There are 40,000 Standard German-speakers.

  3. Há 2 dias · According to the 2021 census, the Welsh-speaking population of Wales aged three or older was 538,300 (17.8%) and nearly three quarters of the population in Wales said they had no Welsh language skills. [14] Other estimates suggest that 899,500 people (29.7%) aged three or older in Wales could speak Welsh in June 2022. [15]

  4. Há 4 dias · Geographical distribution of the Polish language (green) and other Central and Eastern European languages and dialects. A large Polish-speaking diaspora remains in the countries located east of Poland that were once the Eastern Borderlands of the Second Polish Republic (1918–1939).

  5. 12 de mar. de 2023 · This article details the geographical distribution of speakers of the Italian language, regardless of the legislative status within the countries where it is spoken. In addition to the Italian-speaking area in Europe, Italian-speaking minorities are present in few countries.

  6. Há 1 dia · English accounts for at least 70% of speakers of the Germanic language branch of the Indo-European family. Classification Anglic languages English Scots Anglo-Frisian languages Anglic and Frisian ( West, North, Saterland) North Sea Germanic languages Anglo-Frisian and Low German /Low Saxon West Germanic languages North Sea Germanic and