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    Born. 1946 (age 77–78) Nationality. American. Known for. Co-founder of Oracle Corporation. Edward A. Oates (born 1946) is an American businessman. He co-founded Software Development Labs in August 1977 with Larry Ellison, and Bob Miner. Software Development Labs later became Oracle Corporation.

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  2. Ed Oates — The Overlooked Genius Who Helped Build Oracle - History Tools. by history tools. March 26, 2024. Ed Oates‘ technological innovations and deft leadership in Oracle‘s early days played a pivotal yet often overlooked role in establishing it as the database giant it is today.

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    Born in 1946, Edward A. Oates is an American businessman, software engineer, entrepreneur and musician. Along with Bob Miner and Larry Ellison, he co-founded Oracle Corporation, which they originally called Software Development Labs. Oates acted as the team’s project manager and also helped design the database software that later became the world-f...

    In 1968, Oates earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from San Jose State University, where his father had also graduated. Not much is known about his early life and career. This is partly because he’s a private person and partly due to the classified nature of some of his early projects. As a young man, Oates worked with the U.S. Army’s Perso...

    Memorex and Ampex

    Oates began his commercial career as a software engineer, working for a short time at the consumer media supplier Memorex. From Memorex, he moved to another American electronics company, Ampex, where he worked as a supervisor. Besides video and tape recorders, at that time Ampex also specialized in digital data storage. When Oates arrived, the CIA had recently contracted the company to work on a massive organizational database. Oates worked on the CIA’s database project at Ampex together with...


    Oates, Miner and Ellison left Ampex together and scraped together $2,000 to put toward their startup idea, $1,200 of which came from Ellison. They called their new company “Software Development Labs.” At the time, many large businesses were already using computers in some way, even though most of these machines were hulking behemoths churning on sluggish software. The only people capable of wrestling with these primitive computers were select groups of professionals. The Software Development...

    Audible Difference

    Oates began his post-Oracle life by buying Audible Difference, a San Francisco supplier of high-quality home entertainment systems focused on high-end audio design, engineering and home integration. Oates sold his cutting-edge systems to high-profile clients like Steve Jobsand Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison. In 1999, Oates sold Audible Difference to Cello Technologies, becoming one of Cello’s largest shareholders.

    Co-creator of Oracle Database

    Although Oates and Oracle didn’t exactly invent relational databases, they did create one of the first successful commercial versions that worked on a large scale. Theirs caught on where others didn’t due to two relatively small layers they added to their software to make it more universal than their competitors. When designing the first version of Oracle, they had two goals in mind. The first goal was to transform the way people processed data. The second goal was to create a program that co...

    Net Worth

    Although we couldn’t find any public disclosure of Oates’ net worth, we know he endowed a scholarship to San Jose State University in 2009 to the tune of just under $1 million and listed his mansion for sale for $12 million in 2019.


    Ed Oates has never been much of a public figure, so not much is known about his personal life and family. We found a 2018 interview from The Jennylyn Show on KMVT, a Silicon Valley Community Media channel, where Oates talks for a few minutes about his family in general terms. In the interview, he mentions that he has two children from his first marriage and then later talks about his third daughter. This seems to indicate that he’s been married multiple times. According to his San Jose State...


    We don’t know a lot about Oates’ family life, but it seems like he has three children. Oates says his son worked for Oculus Facebook, beginning in 2018. His first daughter worked as attorney before becoming a full-time mother and homemaker. His second daughter is studying for a doctorate in chemical engineering at the University of Delaware.

    San Jose State Scholarship Endowment

    Although he has never been the type to go after flashy awards, in 2009, Oates endowed a scholarship for his alma mater, San Jose State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics. His father, who had also attended San Jose State University, died that year, so Oates gave the scholarship his father’s name. Oates says his reason for endowing a scholarship for a small university instead of Stanford or Harvard is that he’s more interested in helping society move toward getti...

    • “Larry brought chutzpah. Bob Miner brought technical wizardry. Project management and knowledge of how computers worked at their core level, that was me.” • “We didn’t have any business acumen. We weren’t marketers. We weren’t sales guys. Other than a little bit of project management, we couldn’t run a large organization to save our lives. We had...

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  3. 18 de set. de 2014 · Ed Oates retired from the company in 1996. "I had told Larry, when the company gets to 10,000 people, I'm out of there. I couldn't quit fast enough.

  4. Other articles where Ed Oates is discussed: Oracle Corporation: …company Ampex Corporation, and by Ed Oates, Ellison’s supervisor at Ampex. Inspired by a research paper written by British-born computer scientist Edgar F. Codd that outlined a relational database model, Ellison and his colleagues saw commercial potential in the approach, which organized large amounts of data in a way that…

  5. 29 de mai. de 2015 · Com dois colegas de trabalho da Ampex, Ed Oates e Bob Miner, Ellison fundou a própria empresa em 1977, que a princípio se chamava Software Development Laboratories. Em 1982, eles mudaram o nome ...

  6. A Oracle foi fundada em agosto de 1977, inicialmente foi chamada de Software Development Labs (SDL), uma empresa de consultoria que contava com Bob Miner (presidente), Ed Oates e Bruce Scott (engenheiros de software) no seu primeiro projeto. Larry Ellison, um dos grandes nomes da Oracle, trabalhava na empresa para a qual a SDL prestava a ...