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  1. 8 de mar. de 2019 · IMDb page for Captain Marvel, a 2019 action adventure sci-fi movie starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, one of the universe's most powerful heroes. Find out the plot, cast, crew, ratings, awards, trivia, goofs, quotes, soundtracks, and more.

    • (615K)
    • Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
    • Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
    • 2019-03-08
  2. Captain Marvel (bra: Capitã Marvel [3]; prt: Captain Marvel (Capitão Marvel) [1] ou Capitão Marvel [7]) é um filme estadunidense de super-herói de 2019, baseado na personagem Carol Danvers da Marvel Comics.

  3. Captain Marvel is a 2019 American superhero film based on Marvel Comics featuring the character Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it is the 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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    ―Carol Danvers to Monica Rambeau

    Carol Susan Jane Danvers is a former United States Air Force pilot who, upon being exposed to the energy of the Tesseract via the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine, obtained cosmic powers. She gained further powers when she was made into a Kree-human hybrid via a blood transfusion from Yon-Rogg and had all of her old memories removed, turning her into the Kree's weapon and a member of Starforce. Now operating as Vers, she was captured by Skrulls during the Kree-Skrull War, resulting in her returning to Earth and beginning to recall her past, with help from Nick Fury and Maria Rambeau. Vers subsequently discovered that Yon-Rogg and the Kree Empire had been manipulating her for years, learning from Talos that the Skrulls were merely seeking to find a new home. With this information, Danvers, rejecting her Vers persona, unlocked her true powers and defeated the Kree invasion onto Earth that was being led by Ronan the Accuser, before setting off out to the far reaches of the galaxy to finish what her late mentor Mar-Vell had previously started, honoring her by becoming known as Captain Marvel.

    Spending twenty-three years journeying through the universe, Captain Marvel learned of the Snap through the distress call sent out by Fury and had joined the Avengers in an attempt to confront Thanos and reverse the damage done, managing to also rescue Tony Stark and Nebula from deep space along the way. However, despite their first attempt at finding the Infinity Stones failing, Captain Marvel returned to Earth in 2023 when the Avengers had just succeeded with their second attempt to resurrect the victims of the Snap and assisted them during their fight against an alternate Thanos and his army. The combined efforts of Captain Marvel and her allies triumphed over Thanos and his forces, though Iron Man sacrificed his life, with Danvers attending his funeral before leaving Earth. In 2024, Danvers and Bruce Banner, who reverted to his human form, met up with Shang-Chi, Katy Chen and Wong at Kamar-Taj, where they analyzed the power of the Ten Rings before being called away.

    Two years later, Danvers discovered that her light-based powers had become entangled with those of Kamala Khan, a teenage superhero who was a massive fan of hers, and Monica Rambeau, resulting in them switching places whenever they attempt to use them. The trio would come together to confront Dar-Benn, a Kree Accuser who was using the power of the Quantum Bands to tear open jump points on different planets in order to steal their resources in a plan to restore Hala, which had depleted its natural resources in a civil war left in the wake of Danvers destroying the Supreme Intelligence. In an attempt to steal the energy of Earth's Sun, Dar-Benn tore open a rift in space-time, killing herself in the process. In order to close the rift, Danvers and Khan charged Rambeau with their collective power and had her shut it from the other side. Despite her best efforts, Danvers was unable to save Rambeau, who was left stranded in another universe. Making good on her promise to recharge Pama, Danvers subsequently moved into the Rambeau Residence, believing that Rambeau would find her way home someday.

    Early Life
    Air Force Training
    Learning to Fly
    Test Pilot Career
    Infiltration into the Skrull Outpost
    Infiltration into the Sy'gyl Research Base

    ―Maria Rambeau to Carol Danvers

    Carol Danvers is an extremely stubborn and rebellious person. Due to being told what to do or what her limits are her entire life, she tends to act recklessly when attempting to do something, which often results in accidents. Having been repeatedly underestimated her entire life due to being a woman, Danvers never backs down from a challenge. Danvers is ultimately a very determined person, and although she often gets frustrated whenever she fails to do something, she always gets back up and tries again. Danvers' friends and relatives often mentioned that she had a short temper before being abducted by the Kree.

    Though brash and prideful, Danvers has a hero's heart and is a loyal friend to the people she holds most dear, and for decades has acted as a cosmic Good Samaritan, offering her aid to planets all over the universe. Through sheer willpower, she overcame the Supreme Intelligence and was ready to take on Thanos by herself to avenge her friends. Although naturally guarded, Danvers has shown to quickly get along with those she has only just met, such as the Avengers. During her brief meeting with Shang-Chi, she similarly kept a casual friendly attitude with him and remarked that it was nice meeting him. Danvers also became very close with Valkyrie, who she could rely on her for support during tough times, and has shown to enjoy physical affection from her. Danvers is even protective of children, as seen with Kamala Khan, who despite having superpowers, still felt the need to keep her safe during the Destruction of Tarnax IV.

    Upon being kidnapped and misled by the Kree into becoming their soldier, Carol was completely indoctrinated into the teachings of the Kree Empire, firmly believing them to be noble warriors while also believing the Skrulls to be an evil plague. As "Vers," she was notably more stoic, owing to her handlers' insistence that her emotions make her weak. Even though she lost her memories due to the Kree wiping them from her mind, some of Danvers' traits remained, most notably her tendency to let her impulsive nature get the better of her, and her inability to let go of a strongly held conviction. After regaining her memories, Danvers returned to her more expressive self and became friendlier, though when in more serious situations she returns to her more stoic demeanor due to her military background.

    Danvers notably possesses a sassy and dry wit that is blended with the rest of her personality, as it would come out even while being told to suppress her emotions while under the Kree's manipulation. As "Vers," she would often joke around with Yon-Rogg and the rest of Starforce, much to their annoyance. And upon meeting Nick Fury, she instantly took to messing with him, which evidently strengthened their relationship, making him one of her most trusted allies. Both Danvers and Fury are famous for being serious individuals, but surprisingly, when they are with each other, they put their guards down and even act silly with each other, as well as being able to speak open and honestly.

    Once she returned to Earth and recovered from her amnesia, Danvers felt guilt over her actions against the Skrulls and anger towards the Kree, believing that she needed to undo the wrongs she had committed and stand up against her oppressors. However, Danvers still retained some degree of respect for Yon-Rogg despite everything he did to her, as she chose not to kill him but instead sent him back to Hala with the warning that she would expose the truth about the Kree's manipulative empire. Although she kept her promises to Yon-Rogg that she was going to stop the Supreme Intelligence, Danvers ended up having to face the consequences because she failed to realize that the Kree were so dependent upon it and the wars with the species became worse, which caused Hala to become on the verge of extinction. When she realized that she made things worse for the Kree, Danvers felt ashamed of herself and spent decades trying to fix her mistake.


    ―Darcy Lewis •Hybrid Physiology/Cosmic Enhancement: Through her exposure to the Tesseract's extraterrestrial power via the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine, Carol acquired the ability to produce cosmic energies to no measurable bounds and manipulate them to her needs. Danvers was later granted superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes following her blood transfusion with the Kree warrior, Yon-Rogg, on the planet Hala, which essentially turned her into a Kree-Human hybrid. She was also trained in the arts of battle by the Kree which had been practiced for years and began to rely solely on her fighting skills, strength, and photon blasts. Many years later, Danvers demonstrated much greater control over her powers, which makes her one of the mightiest heroes in the universe and allowed her to compete with a being as powerful as Thanos, as she was able to briefly overpower the Mad Titan until he was forced to use the Power Stone to punch her away. •Superhuman Strength: Due to the Kree blood running through her veins, Danvers possesses superhuman strength. With this, she was able to defeat many Humans, Skrulls and Kree with relative ease. Even before completely unleashing her incredible cosmic powers, she was already strong enough to defeat over a dozen Skrull soldiers without the use of her photon blasts. Her super strength generally allows her to send her opponents flying through the air with simple blows and kicks. When she and Nick Fury were escaping from several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Danvers was able to bend a metal bar to prevent the door from being opened. Her strength also extends to her ability to jump great distances. During her battle with Starforce, Danvers was able to knock Bron-Char back with a single punch, and uppercut Korath into the air and send him flying away with a kick. She could destroy a Kree Warship by flying straight through it, as well as stop a Kree ballistic missile from detonating on Earth by pushing them away. In Binary mode, Danvers' strength is augmented to the point where it becomes incalculably strong, to the point where she could destroy the Sanctuary II with ease, and her blows also become vastly more powerful by accumulating a larger amount of energy within her hands, giving her blows the ability to stun incredibly durable beings like Thanos. •Superhuman Durability: Danvers' skin density, muscles, and bones have increased exponentially due to her hybrid influenced physiology. As such, Danvers possesses resistance to blunt trauma, falls from high altitudes, Kree energy shots, and large explosions. During the mission to Torfa, Danvers was electrocuted by Skrull energy and was only momentarily stunned, before falling completely unconscious. When a Skrull hit her directly in the face with a cane, Danvers simply turned and hit back twice as hard. She also resisted the explosion of a Skrull space pod followed by an immense crash on the roof of a Blockbuster and was only slightly dazed but came out of it without a single scratch. Danvers' incredible durability even allowed her to hold the Tesseract with her bare hands without suffering any damage. She also resisted the attacks of her former Starforce comrades during combat, as well as withstanding the metals that Yon-Rogg controlled telekinetically with his Magnitron Gauntlets. She was also able to withstand heavy blows from Bron-Char's energy gauntlets. In Binary mode, Danvers' durability is augmented to the point where she becomes essentially invulnerable, to the point where she could withstand a headbutt from Thanos, much to the Mad Titan's surprise, and even survived a direct blow with the Power Stone. •Superhuman Speed: Danvers can move at great speeds. She can overwhelm several Skrulls, including Talos, in hand-to-hand combat, and easily dodged their wild attacks while landing her blows as well. While chasing a Skrull through the city of Los Angeles, Danvers was able to keep up with the speed of a train to finally get on top of it. She was also able to handle her former Starforce compatriots in combat, easily dodging their attacks. •Superhuman Agility: Danvers has greater agility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than a regular human being. During her training with Yon-Rogg, Danvers was able to do elaborate cartwheels and flying kicks against him. She was also able to dodge many of the Skrulls' punches and overcome them in her battle. She was able to easily keep up with and surpass the Starforce members, despite the great agility in combat shown by the latter. •Superhuman Stamina: Danvers' musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than any normal human being. Her endurance allows her to exercise her maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all. •Superhuman Reflexes: Danvers can react to as well as dodge objects that travel at high speeds, with her dodging many of the blows of the Skrulls and later the members of the Starforce with relative ease and almost effortlessly. Also, while flying, she was able to dodge the blasts fired by Kree fighter ships with ease. •Regenerative Healing Factor: Due to the Kree blood running through her veins, Danvers can regenerate from injuries much faster than a normal human, with an example being that there was no scar after being directly hit in the face by a Skrull, who drew blood. Another example was her having fallen from a considerable distance through the roof of a Blockbuster, only for Danvers to recover quickly and without any injuries. •Longevity: Due to her Kree blood and cosmic augmentations, Danvers' aging process is extremely reduced, possibly even halted altogether. Her physical age and condition at the time of the Battle of Earth are still the same as it was when she got her powers over three decades beforehand. •Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Danvers became infused with the energy of the Tesseract when she destroyed the Light-Speed Engine's power core. Due to this, her body is capable of passively absorbing most forms of energy and transforming it into her signature cosmic energy, which she can then use in a variety of ways. Following her victory over the Supreme Intelligence, Danvers removed her Photon Inhibitor and gained control over her power, becoming fully capable to summon this energy at will. Danvers can envelope herself within her energy, which emits itself as a glowing aura surrounding her in a form known as Binary. This greatly increases Danvers' physical attributes, such as her strength and durability, as well as her photon blast, and gave her the ability to fly at incredible speeds, which is what allowed her to defeat the entire Starforce, destroy the ballistic missiles, as well as almost all of Ronan's fleet to the point that Ronan considered Danvers a weapon and swore to come back for her. Also, Danvers can accumulate her energy into her hands to increase the damage behind her blows. Danvers can also carefully use her energy by using it to block blows, such as when she blocked a strike from Korath's energy sword which likely would have cut her if she did not use her energy to shield herself. She can increase her own innate energy output to such a degree, that her strength and durability increase to almost incalculable levels, so much so, she could withstand a direct headbutt from Thanos without flinching and then overpower the Mad Titan. It wasn't until Thanos took it upon himself to punch her with the Power Stone, that she was defeated. Danvers can also utilize her cosmic energy to regulate the functional usage of a mechanized appliance as well as modulate their energy output. This is usually accommodated by a flare-up of her cosmic energies whenever she uses her powers to their fullest ability. Her energy could also cause interference and power surges in nearby technology, as was exemplified by what unlocking her full power did to not only Mar-Vell's lab, but also the Kree energy cuffs used to restrain her allies, and the force fielded cells containing the captured Skrulls, thereby allowing them to break out. While flying back down to Earth to face off with Yon-Rogg, her very presence was enough to cause the surrounding power lines to flare up with electrical energy until she landed and powered down. Danvers was also able to jump-start Yon-Rogg's pod by blasting it with a short pulse of her energy. She can generate this cosmic energy to such an extent that she restarted Hala's star, Pama, with little effort. •Energy Blast: Energy Blasts or when it comes to Danvers is better known as Photon Blasts, allows Danvers to shoot energy beams out of her hands. Danvers can fashion her cosmic energy into dense powerful photon blasts strong enough to pulverize concrete and metal or lighter blasts which only send opponents flying away into the air. During her training, Danvers used a blast that sent Yon-Rogg flying a considerable distance. She was able to send three Skrulls back and then use a blast to propel herself and not be sucked into space when she opened a hole in Talos' ship. During the pursuit of the Skrulls, Danvers was able to use her photon blasts to destroy a roof where a Skrull was attacking her as well as to destroy part of a tunnel and break the roof of a train to enter it. She could also use a photon blast to knock Talos down, which left him momentarily unconscious. After overcoming her fear and destroying the photon inhibitor, Danvers was able to release the energy as a shock wave that was powerful enough to knock down three members of Starforce and two Kree soldiers instantly, and destroy Kree Warships with a single blast. She was also able to effortlessly topple Yon-Rogg with a single shot that sent him flying several meters away. She also used a photon blast against Thanos, which he blocked with his left hand, which was wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. •Flight: While enveloping herself with cosmic energy, Danvers can fly, glide and float through the air and vacuum of space without outside help. She can survive out in the depths of space without any breathing equipment, having floated in front of the Skrull refugees' ship in the airless vacuum without her helmet activated. She can fly at incredible speed, allowing her to take off into the atmosphere and even outer space and land safely on the planet's surface with ease. She can also maneuver with great precision in any direction, as well as float in one place. She quickly mastered the power of flight to the point where she could fly to the outer edges of the atmosphere in seconds to destroy incoming missiles and ships sent by Ronan. Later, when she decided to help the Skrulls to find a new world to inhabit, she was able to fly next to the Skrulls' ship at the speed of light. She was also able to fly quickly in space to save Tony Stark and later as she searched Thanos' entire planet to see if there was any kind of security. During the Battle of Earth, Danvers was able to come directly from space. •Heat Generation: Danvers can accumulate the energy in her hands to burn, melt or traverse solid metals, such as steel doors, ceilings or walls. She used this ability to free herself from the restrictions that the Skrulls had placed on her. However, she could not free herself from the handcuffs, so she had to work hard to use her photon blasts. When demonstrating her powers to Monica Rambeau, she also used this ability to boil the water in a tea kettle.


    ―Nick Fury and Vers •Master Pilot: Danvers is an extremely skilled pilot, having been trained in the Air Force. She easily piloted the improved aircraft with the energy of the Space Stone and even temporarily held her own in an aerial battle with Yon-Rogg, which demonstrates Danvers' incredible ability to fly. Even when under her Vers persona, Danvers could operate a Quadjet, a vehicle that would have been unfamiliar to a Kree, as if by instinct. Later, Danvers was able to pilot the Quadjet as they headed to Mar-Vell's Laboratory in outer space. Danvers was also able to co-pilot the Benatar, along with Rocket, as they made their way to Thanos' Farm. ―Talos to Carol Danvers •Master Combatant: Danvers is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having trained for six years by Yon-Rogg as well as being considerably experienced in combat operations. During her workouts, Danvers fought her mentor Yon-Rogg, though he had the upper hand. She is skilled enough to defeat almost two dozen Skrulls soldiers while she was handcuffed and could not use her photon blasts and even managed to dominate commander Talos with relative ease. During the pursuit on the train, Danvers was able to fight against the Skrull Spy on equal terms, although this time with less ease and ultimately didn't manage to defeat him. Later, with her new ability to manipulate cosmic energy being linked to her combat abilities, Danvers was able to defeat the other Starforce members, including Yon-Rogg, with ease and without much effort. Danvers was also able to subdue a weakened Thanos, by putting him in a headlock, long enough for the other Avengers to come to help her. During the final battle, Danvers was able to fight Thanos while almost managing to take away the Nano Gauntlet but was ultimately bested by him enhancing his strength with the Power Stone. •Expert Marksman: Danvers is proficient at using firearms, as she used a Kree gun to threaten Yon-Rogg, then shot it at the Light-Speed Engine. She is also able to shoot her opponents very accurately using her photon blasts. •Expert Acrobat: Danvers' years of experience have made her an accomplished acrobat. She is skilled above all in the use of parkour, managing to jump over several objects during the chase to a Skrull in the city of Los Angeles. Danvers is also very good at climbing tall structures quickly. •Physician: As part of her training for the United States Air Force, Danvers received emergency medical training. The training remained with her as she lost her memory, and she was able to quickly diagnose a Skrull's acid burn and create a make-shift solution which saved the Skrull from dying and helped him get enough energy to crawl through solid mud and leave the planet without remembering where she had learned such first aid. She later used part of her own Starforce Uniform to create a makeshift tourniquet for herself to slow her bleeding after being stabbed. •Bilingualism: Danvers is fluent in English as well as fluent in Aladnean, which is a singing language.


    •Kree Pistol: During the attack on Mar-Vell, Danvers used a Kree gun to threaten Yon-Rogg and then to destroy the Light-Speed Engine. •Universal Weapon:

    Other Equipment

    ―Yon-Rogg to Captain Marvel •Starforce Uniform: Danvers possesses a uniform she used on her missions within Starforce and wears as Captain Marvel. The uniform contains a device capable of analyzing and identifying any object placed within it on the uniform's sleeve. The uniform's color scheme can also be customized to the user's preferences via a device located on the uniform's sleeve, which Danvers took advantage of when she had decided to defect and no longer felt morally comfortable wearing Kree colors. The uniform also includes a collapsible helmet that can fit around the wearer's head and leaves some of Danvers' hair exposed in a mohawk. The helmet can generate its atmosphere and allows the wearer to breathe in the vacuum of space, as well as underwater, where it will give off a blue glow to provide light. Five years after the Snap, Danvers changed the colors of the costume again; she changed part of the chest, shoulder pads, neck, gloves, and boots to blue, and the rest to the color red. Also, she added new accessories, like a sash on her belt. •Translator Implant: Danvers possesses a universal translator that allows her to comprehend most any languages and speak it fluently as well. •Photon Inhibitor: This device was utilized by the Supreme Intelligence to keep Danvers' powers in check and ensure she would not lose control of them. The device was able to limit the amount of energy Danvers' could emit and even revoke this power entirely. The device could also limit Danvers' physical abilities such as her strength and durability because they are directly proportional to how much cosmic energy Danvers produces. Danvers eventually destroyed the device out of defiance, unlocking her true potential. •Tesseract: The Tesseract was the housing unit for the Space Stone that was discovered by Carol Danvers. She stopped her former Starforce teammates from taking it and then tried to give it to Nick Fury, only for Goose to swallow it with her tentacles. •Transmitter Pager: A communication device used by Nick Fury, which is an ordinary Earth pager modified by Danvers using Kree technology so that she could be contacted by Fury as a last resort in extreme emergencies. •Quantum Band: After the defeat of Dar-Benn and the sacrifice of Monica Rambeau, Danvers took possession of one of the Quantum Bands while Kamala Khan kept her part of the pair.


    •Mr. Goodnight: Jack Thompson taught Danvers to fly using Mr. Goodnight. She worked with Thompson on Sundays during her girst academic at the United States Air Force Academy and learned to do a power-off stall with it. •F-15C Eagle: During her tenure as a pilot within the United States Air Force, Danvers flew her own F-15C Eagle, in which her rank, name, and call-sign were adorned on the left side directly under her cockpit's canopy glass. •Helion: During missions with the Starforce, Danvers was transported on this ship with her former teammates. •Skrulls' Ship: After being captured by the Skrulls on Torfa, Danvers was brought on their ship and had her mind probed. Danvers later escaped and destroyed the ship before escaping in a space pod. •Space Pod: During her escape from Talos' ship, Danvers used a space capsule, which was destroyed upon reaching Earth's atmosphere, which ended in the arrival of Danvers to this planet. •Motorcycle: When she decided to go to Pancho's Bar to find out more about her past, Danvers stole a motorcycle which she drove relatively easily. •Quadjet: During the escape of her and Nick Fury from the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, Danvers piloted this ship with great skill. She used it to travel to the Rambeau Residence and to Mar-Vell's Laboratory. •Benatar: Danvers co-piloted the ship with Rocket Raccoon to travel to Planet 0259-S.

    •United States Air Force Academy: Danvers was a student at the United States Air Force Academy, where she struggled against the sexism in the military, especially from commanding officer Jenks. She made friends with Maria Rambeau, Tom Bianchi, Erik Del Orbe, and Garrett Pierre as they took classes on Soaring and trained for the military. Danvers and Rambeau tried out for the school's elite squadron, although they did not make it.

    •Edwards Air Force Base: Danvers, along with Maria Rambeau, was stationed at this U.S. Air Force base as test pilots, as the test flights of the Light-Speed Engine were performed from the base.

    •Rambeau Residence: After Danvers and Nick Fury inspect the archives at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, they found out that one of the last persons to see Danvers alive on Earth was Maria Rambeau, so the two headed to her residence in Louisiana in search of answers. After she defeated the Kree forces attacking Earth, she celebrated their victory with her allies in Rambeau's house.

    •Mar-Vell's Laboratory: Danvers traveled to her late mentor's laboratory with her allies to find the Tesseract and a group of Skrull refugees. They were ambushed by the Starforce who captured Danvers, but she broke free and escaped with her allies, unlocking her full range of powers in the process and engaging in an all-out battle with the Starforce, defeating them.

    •Avengers Compound: Danvers tracked the Transmitter Pager to this facility after Fury used it to call for her help. After meeting the Avengers, she left to rescue Iron Man. She eventually found him in space with Nebula and carried them to this facility, where they discussed how to handle the Snap and Thanos.

    •Khan Residence: To be added


    •Joseph Danvers - Father •Marie Danvers - Mother •Steve Danvers - Brother •Yan - Husband


    •Wright - Former Enemy •United States Air Force •Jenks - Former Superior •Chen - Former Superior •Resendiz - Former Superior •Tom Bianchi - Former Rival •Garrett Pierre •Erik Del Orbe •Bret Johnson - Rival •Zoë Noble •Cook •Livanson •Wolff - Instructor •Cabot •Whalen •Matthew Kimmel •Stephen Del Bagno •Maria Rambeau † - Best Friend •Jack Thompson •Bonnie Thompson •Mar-Vell † - Mentor and Friend •Goose •Sun-Val † •Peer Kaal † •Rhomann Dey •Soh-Larr - Situational Ally •Nick Fury - Friend •S.H.I.E.L.D. - Temporary Enemies •Phil Coulson † •Tom •Skrulls - Former Enemies •Talos † - Former Enemy and Friend •Norex † - Impersonator •Soren † •G'iah •Avengers - Former Teammates •Steve Rogers/Captain America - Former Leader •Tony Stark/Iron Man † •Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow † - Former Leader •Bruce Banner/Hulk •Clint Barton/Hawkeye •James Rhodes/War Machine •Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch † •Sam Wilson/Falcon •Peter Parker/Spider-Man •Scott Lang/Ant-Man •Pepper Potts/Rescue •Guardians of the Galaxy •Peter Quill/Star-Lord •Thor - Former Teammate •Rocket Raccoon - Former Teammate •Nebula - Former Teammate •Drax the Destroyer •Mantis •Groot •Masters of the Mystic Arts •Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange •Wong •Golden Tribe •T'Challa/Black Panther † •Shuri •Dora Milaje •Okoye - Former Teammate •Jabari Tribe •M'Baku •Border Tribe •Wakandan Royal Guard •Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier •Brunnhilde/Valkyrie - Friend •Warsong •Korg •Miek •Einherjar •Ravagers •Kraglin Obfonteri •Howard the Duck •Hope van Dyne/Wasp •Gamora •Shang-Chi •Katy Chen •Yusuf Khan •Muneeba Khan •Aamir Khan •Marvels - Former Teammates and Friends •Monica Rambeau - Goddaughter and Honorary Niece •Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel - Fan


    •Sun-Val Skrull † •Skrull Spy - Situational Enemy •Phil Coulson Skrull † - Situational Enemy •Los Angeles Police Department - Situational Enemies •R. Keller - Situational Enemy •Ficke •Charley •Don •Whitcher - Situational Enemy •Kree Empire - Former Allies •Supreme Intelligence † - Former Superior and Victim •Starforce - Former Teammates •Yon-Rogg - Former Leader, Former Trainer and Attempted Killer •Minn-Erva † - Rival •Korath † •Att-Lass •Bron-Char •Accusers •Ronan the Accuser † •Accuser •Dar-Benn † •Ty-Rone •Thanos † •Thanos † - Attempted Killer •Black Order •Ebony Maw † •Proxima Midnight † •Corvus Glaive † •Chitauri •Leviathans •Chitauri Gorillas •Outriders •Sakaarans

    •In the comics, Carol Danvers is the seventh person to take on the moniker of "Captain Marvel", after Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau, Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Khn'nr and Noh-Varr. She obtained her powers after a fusion of Kree and human genes, assuming the codenames of Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird before becoming Captain Marvel, after the Avengers vs. X-Men comic event, where Mar-Vell died while going up against the Phoenix Force. However, The Life of Captain Marvel storyline eventually reveals the origins of Danvers and her siblings as Human-Kree hybrids from their Kree mother, Mari-Ell (Earth name: Marie), while Danvers' Kree name is revealed as Car-Ell, and that the radiation powers which Mar-Vell absorbed and transferred to Danvers' body only awakened her Kree gene.

    •In Avengers: Endgame, Danvers sported several physical features that referenced her classic appearance in the comics, such as the iconic short hair and the sash on her belt.

    •In the comics, she is a close friend to Jessica Jones has dated James Rhodes and, for a brief time, Peter Parker.

    •Carol Danvers is a fan of Guns N' Roses and Lita Ford.

    •In the flashbacks to young Danvers playing baseball with her brother, she wears a red and white uniform while Steve wears the "B" of the Boston Red Sox. This is a nod to the comics, where the Danvers siblings grew up in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Captain Marvel is the fourth character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe whose powers come from an Infinity Stone, following Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision. Unlike the other three, however, hers come from the Space Stone rather than the Mind Stone.

  4. Passado nos anos 90, Capitão Marvel, da Marvel Studios, é uma aventura num período inédito na história do Universo Cinemático da Marvel que segue o percurso de Carol Danvers à medida que se torna numa das heroínas mais poderosas do Universo.

  5. 8 de mar. de 2019 · Set in the 1990s, the origin story of Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is drawn into a galactic war with aliens.

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