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  1. Trinity College London offers innovative and personal assessment, content and training in English language, music, drama and arts. Find out about their qualifications, books, events and news.

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      Trinity College London, established in 1872, is a leading...

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    Trinity's Integrated Skills in English (ISE) is a contemporary four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) qualification recognised by governments and institutions as providing reliable evidence of English language proficiency. Preparing for ISE helps develop authentic communicative and transferable skills that are required for academic ...

    There are two exam modules — Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening. These can be taken together or separately, depending on whether you are taking the exam in a Trinity Registered Exam Centre, or in a UK Trinity SELT Centre. The Reading & Writing module is taken as a written exam in registered centres. One-to-one, face-to-face Speaking & Liste...

    ISE proficiency levels are calibrated to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and are available at six levels: ISE A1 (A1), ISE Foundation (A2), ISE I (B1), ISE II (B2), ISE III (C1), ISE IV (C2)*. *ISE IV has a different formatto ISE at CEFR levels A1-C1

    ISE is designed to support classroom teaching and maps easily to general English language curricula and coursework and Trinity provides a wide range of guidance and resources including coursework Schemes of Work for each level. ISE A1 (A1) ISE Foundation (A2) ISE I (B1) ISE II (B2) ISE III (C1) ISE IV (C2)

    Trinity's ISE qualifications provide individuals and institutions with reliable evidence of the use of integrated English language skills at different levels from beginner to advanced. Read more about the research leading to CEFR alignment and learner profiles. Our ISE exams are regulated by Ofqual in the UK — see regulatory information. They are l...

    ISE is a UK government government-approved test for settlement and visa applicationpurposes when taken at a Trinity SELT Centre. If you are preparing for ISE as a Secure English Language Test (SELT) for visa or other purposes in the UK, please visit UK visa tests, ISE qualifications are used as robust evidence of English language proficiency and ar...

    To book exams in registered centres visit exam administration
    To book ISE as a SELT test in the UK for visa, immigration or other SELT purposes, visit our UK SELT test pages

    ISE is a four skills exam that measures your English proficiency for study and employment. It has six levels from beginner to advanced and is recognised by governments and institutions worldwide.

  2. Brazil. Trinity College London is an international exam board that has been providing assessments since 1877. We provide recognised and respected qualifications in a unique spectrum of communicative skills — from music, drama and arts activities to English language — at all levels.

  3. Trinity College London is an international awarding organisation, publisher and education charity that specialises in communicative and performance skills. Learn about its qualifications, examiners, success stories, charitable activities and more.

  4. Trinity College London, established in 1872, is a leading internationally recognised awarding organisation (exam board), publisher and independent education charity. We specialise in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering music, drama, combined arts and English language.

  5. Trinity College London (TCL) is an examination board based in London, United Kingdom which offers graded and diploma qualifications across a range of disciplines in the performing arts and English language learning and teaching.

  6. Trinity College London offers regulated assessments and qualifications in English language, music, communication and performance, and teacher qualifications. It has a long history, a global presence, and a focus on real-life skills and social mobility.