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  1. A Order of the Lion é a terceira e última parte da trilogia sobre os três irmãos Etzel, que partiram em uma busca para seguir seus próprios ideais de dever cavalheiresco. Explore o enclave da ilha autárquica Bounac e rompa um cerco para libertar uma comunidade encantadora com sua própria economia e histórias.

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    • Bounac Residents
    • Kesar The Younger
    • Drume

    Evrard the Miller

    Note: This first part can only be done during the Tibian day(between hh:15 and hh:45 in real-life time). Find the NPC Evrard the Miller in the mill-house (shown on the map) and answer yesto his questions. He will ask for your help looking for two things in the Usurpers camp. Go down the stairs here, then follow the cave south-east and go up to the surface again. Here you'll have to find two items: 1. The Ledger(a Parchment) is located inside a book in the small house south of the boat: 1. The...

    NPCs Locations

    All Bounac NPCs have two locations depending whether it's day or night. For the 5 NPCs below, you can use the following maps to find them based on the time of the day. For this part, the NPCs will deliver and receive the tasks regardless of their position.

    After greeting him, use the keyword Yselda to receive and deliver your task, which is to bring him 20 Broken Longbows that you have to loot from the Usurper Archer.

    After gaining the trust of Bounac residents, you will be allowed into the castle. To do so, go to the third floor using the stairs where Onfroi is during day, follow north, then west until you find the Bounac Guard. Say hi, pass, yes. Go two floors upstairs, where you'll find Kesar the Younger on the left side of the room (only during tibian day). ...

    Go to the area east of the island again and up the ramp, where you can team with up to 4 other players to fight Drume. After entering the fields, you'll find yourself among several members of the Order of the Lion. There are three squads of each side (Lions and Usurpers). Your first objective is to kill the 3 Usurper Commanders. The regular Usurper...

  2. 15 de jul. de 2020 · Check if its night or day! Check the timer! tibia wiki works great for this quest with some minor issues with the timers!

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  3. 27 de abr. de 2024 · Tibia - The Order of the Lion Quest. Acesso ao boss Drume e Bounac. Andre Gusela. 6.27K subscribers. Subscribed. 28. 131 views 1 day ago. Nesse vídeo eu ensino como fazer a The Order of...

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  4. The Order of the Lion. Requisitos: Nivel Mínimo: 250; 20 Hams ; 10 Breads ; 20 Broken Longbow ; The Order of the Falcon; The Order of the Cobra; Para iniciar a quest, você terá que esperar que seja de dia dentro do jogo, isso ocorre em um lapso de 30 minutos entre as 00:15 até as 00:45 do horário da vida real.

  5. 15 de jul. de 2020 · A MELHOR ROTAÇÃO DE BOSS SOLO (TIBIA 2020) Twitch - - - -...

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  6. Informações: Level mínimo necessário: +250. Itens necessários: 20 broken longbows, 20 hams, 10 breads. Quests necessárias: The Order of the Falcons ou The Order of the Cobra. Recompensa: possibilidade de negociar com o NPC Augustin, possibilidade de obter os lion items, permissão para enfrentar os Bosses Fugue e Drume.

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