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  1. › wiki › Sean_CombsSean Combs - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · Sean Love Combs (born Sean John Combs; November 4, 1969), also known by his stage name Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, [4] [5] is an American rapper, record producer and record executive. Born in Harlem and raised in Mount Vernon, New York, Combs worked as a talent director at Uptown Records before founding his own record label, Bad ...

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    • 1990–present
  2. › wiki › TurkeyTurkey - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · Turkey, officially the Republic of Türkiye, is a country mainly in Anatolia in West Asia, with a smaller part called East Thrace in Southeast Europe.It borders the Black Sea to the north; Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the east; Iraq, Syria, and the Mediterranean Sea (and Cyprus) to the south; and the Aegean Sea, Greece, and Bulgaria to the west.

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  3. › wiki › LatinLatin - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help:IPA. Latin ( lingua Latina, Latin: [ˈlɪŋɡʷa ɫaˈtiːna], or Latinum, Latin: [ɫaˈtiːnʊ̃]) is a classical language belonging to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Considered a dead language, Latin was originally spoken in Latium (now known as Lazio ), the lower Tiber ...

  4. › wiki › MississippiMississippi - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · Lists of United States state symbols. Mississippi ( / ˌmɪsəˈsɪpi / ⓘ MISS-ə-SIH-pee) [6] is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. It borders Tennessee to the north, Alabama to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, Louisiana to the southwest, and Arkansas to the northwest. Mississippi's western boundary is largely ...

  5. › wiki › BelgiumBelgium - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · Belgium, [A] officially the Kingdom of Belgium, [B] is a country in Northwestern Europe. The country is bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the south, and the North Sea to the west.

  6. › wiki › G20G20 - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · All leaders at the 2021 G20 Summit in Rome, Italy. Bring together systemically important industrialized and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy. [1] The G20 or Group of 20 is an intergovernmental forum comprising 19 sovereign countries, the European Union (EU), and the African Union (AU).

  7. › wiki › DetroitDetroit - Wikipedia

    Há 21 horas · Detroit. /  42.33139°N 83.04583°W  / 42.33139; -83.04583. Detroit ( / dɪˈtrɔɪt /; dih-TROYT, locally / ˈdiːtrɔɪt /) [8] is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is the largest U.S. city on the United States–Canada border, and the seat of government of Wayne County. Detroit had a population of 639,111 at the ...