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  1. A subsidiary alliance, in South Asian history, was a tributary alliance between an Indian state and a European East India Company. Under this system, an Indian ruler who formed a treaty with the company in question would be provided with protection against any external attacks.

  2. Subsidiary alliance is a system developed by the East India Company by Lord Wellesley. It solved the problem of ruling a nation which is under the rule of a king. Some of the rules of the subsidiary alliance were:

  3. 24 de set. de 2019 · The Subsidiary Alliance as imposed by Wellesley on the native rulers was the most effective instrument for the expansion of the British territory and political influence in India. Wellesley did not originate it. It was first devised by the French governor Dupleix.

  4. 20 de abr. de 2021 · Lord Wellesley, the Governor – General of British East India Company used this alliance with several States. Under the Subsidiary Alliance, the Indian rulers were forbidden from making any negotiations with other rulers without prior permission from the British East India Company.