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  1. Há 4 dias · The Hamming linear aperture forms the modulated speckle images of Ramses II images using a definite random diffuser. A diffuser limited by a circular uniform aperture is the basic element in the formation of ordinary speckle images found in the Fourier plane.

  2. Há 1 dia · The Hamming code concepts can be described in matrix form, where a generating matrix (G) creates valid codewords from information bits, and a check matrix (H) computes syndromes for error checking. When a valid codeword is multiplied by the check matrix, the result (syndrome) is zero.

  3. Há 6 dias · The hamming distance between two integers is the number of bits which differ in them. To compute the hamming distance, we xor the two integers bitwise and count the number of bits set. This works because the xor yields 1 only when both bits are different.

  4. Há 2 dias · Goal. In this tutorial you will learn how to: Use the cv::FlannBasedMatcher interface in order to perform a quick and efficient matching by using the Clustering and Search in Multi-Dimensional Spaces module

  5. Há 4 dias · West Ham United has set its sights on Corinthians attacker Wesley Gassova, a rising star in Brazilian football. Tim Steidten, West Ham's Director of Football, has already observed the 19-year-old...

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  6. Há 3 dias · If an additional parity bit (P) is appended to the Hamming code as shown in the diagram at right, the resulting (8,4) codewords in the Extended Hamming Code will have distance (d=4). The new check bit (P) is computed as the even parity of the entire 7-bit Hamming code and improves the performance of the Hamming code whenever two bit errors occur.

  7. Há 5 dias · Mask specifying permissible matches between an input query and train matrices of descriptors. In the first variant of this method, the train descriptors are passed as an input argument. In the second variant of the method, train descriptors collection that was set by DescriptorMatcher::add is used.