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  1. Reinhard Heydrich, the commander of the German Reich Security Main Office (RSHA), the acting governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and a principal architect of the Holocaust, was assassinated during the Second World War in a coordinated operation by the Czechoslovak resistance.

  2. Heydrich was mortally wounded in Prague on 27 May 1942 as a result of Operation Anthropoid. He was ambushed by a team of Czech and Slovak soldiers who had been sent by the Czechoslovak government-in-exile to kill him; the team was trained by the British Special Operations Executive. Heydrich died from his injuries on 4 June.

  3. Heydrich foi alvo de um atentado em Praga no dia 27 de Maio de 1942 por uma equipe de soldados checos e eslovacos treinados pelos britânicos, enviados pelo governo checo-eslovaco no exílio para o matar na Operação Antropoide. Heydrich morreu uma semana depois dos ferimentos sofridos.

  4. 16 de dez. de 2019 · Berlin police are trying to find out who opened the unmarked grave of SS officer Reinhard Heydrich, a top Nazi killed by Czechoslovak agents in 1942. An employee at the Invalids' Cemetery in...

  5. Chamado de "A Besta Loura", ou "O Nazista Perfeito", Heydrich morreu em consequência de um atentado na cidade de Praga. Em 27 de maio de 1942, dois agentes checos, Jan Kubiš e Josef Gabčík , arriscaram as suas vidas para realizar a missão denominada Operação Antropoide.

  6. Though not mortally wounded by the blast itself, the grenade splinters in Heydrich’s leg and lower back led to an infection that killed him little more than a week later. In retaliation for the attack, the Germans unleashed a wave of terror against the Czechs.

  7. 31 de mai. de 2024 · Died: June 4, 1942, Prague, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia [now in Czech Republic] (aged 38) Political Affiliation: Nazi Party. Role In: final solution. Holocaust. Kristallnacht. Wannsee Conference.