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  1. Puchi (New Moon) is a MythicalMythical unit based on Enrico Pucci from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventures. He is only obtainable by evolving Puchi with a Green Baby. Puchi (New Moon) can be evolved from Puchi with the following materials: This unit can be evolved to Puchi (Heaven) by scoring...

    • Evolution

      Used on Puchi (New Moon). ... Used to opened a portal to...

    • Heaven

      Puchi (Heaven) is a MythicalMythical unit based on Enrico...

    • C-Moon
    • Made in Heaven
    • Jojolities

    With C-MOON, Pucci can perform various attacks that turn his opponents inside-out. While in effect, affected opponents will very gradually lose health as blood continuously seeps out of their torso, with no way to manually undo the effect aside from losing a health gauge or getting hit by C-MOON's attacks a second time. The only character immune to...

    With Made in Heaven, Pucci gains incredible speed and power due to the Stand's abilities, being able to deal many hits and cover a large amount of ground in a short amount of time.

    I'll say it again... You must only throw a single inside out punch!: Pucci must use his Style Action with C-MOON twice. (200 Points)
    I dub this ability... C-MOON!: Pucci must turn opponents inside-out 3 times. Reverting them from an inside-out state also counts. (200 Points)
    The Time of Heaven has finally come...: Pucci must successfully perform "Made in Heaven". (300 Points)
    Just like DIO once did!!: Pucci must connect "Seems your were two seconds too late..." twice. (500 Points)
  2. Hi guys in this video I'll be explaining how to evolve the Puchi unit, as well as showcasing the Made in Heaven evolution. To evo to Puchi (New Moon) the fir...

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  3. Waiting for the New Moon [] Pucci must now reach Cape Canaveral and await the new moon, which will enable Pucci to fulfill the next part of DIO's plan. On the way to Cape Canaveral, Pucci fatefully meets three young men: Ungalo , Rikiel and Donatello Versus .

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  5. 23 de fev. de 2024 · Whitesnake Pucci cannot be paired with his New Moon form. As a Stand user, Pucci is one of many characters with wildly varied abilities that grant him uniqueness in battle. Opponents hit by Pucci's various skills will be Sealed. While Sealed, they will randomly lose access to one of their skills.

  6. 25 de dez. de 2022 · How to Evolve Puchi New Moon and Showcase in Roblox Anime Adventures | Games Roblox.#robloxgames #animeadventure #roblox #gukugami #bestrobloxgames #gamesrob...

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