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  1. Depicts the moon as a full, bluish- or grayish-black, cratered disc, not illuminated by the sun. May be used to represent the moon more generally, nighttime, outer space, and astronomy. May also be used to convey enchanting or eerie feelings. See also 🌚 New Moon Face. Used as part of the Moon Emoji Creep meme.

    • Star

      Star - New Moon Emoji - Emojipedia

    • 🌚 New Moon Face

      A new moon with a smiling face, as the Man in the Moon....

  2. Search results for. moon. 🌑 New Moon 🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony 🌝 Full Moon Face 🌚 New Moon Face 🌙 Crescent Moon 🌕 Full Moon 🌓 First Quarter Moon 🌗 Last Quarter Moon 🌔 Waxing Gibbous Moon 🌖 Waning Gibbous Moon 🌘 Waning Crescent Moon 🌒 Waxing Crescent Moon 🌛 First Quarter Moon Face 🌜 Last Quarter Moon Face ...

  3. Learn the meaning, usage and history of the new moon emoji, a symbol that represents the lunar phase when the moon is not visible in the night sky. Find out how to copy and paste it in different platforms and languages, and see images of the new moon emoji in various contexts and styles.

  4. Learn the meaning, usage and history of the 🌚 new moon face emoji, a stylized face on a dark moon. Copy and paste the emoji in different platforms and languages, and see how it looks in various contexts and categories.

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  5. Find 14 emojis of new moon and other moon phases on Emojiterra, a website that provides emojis for various categories and tags. Learn the meanings and usage of each emoji, such as new moon, waxing crescent moon, full moon, and moon viewing ceremony.