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  1. a tiny website by neal. Games, visualizations, interactives and other weird stuff.

  2. Sprites are a rare form of lightning spotted over thunderstorms that only last a fraction of a second. Since the speed of sound depends on the temperature, sound travels 15% slower up here. The world's fastest elevator travels at 46 mph. A space elevator with the same speed would take 80 minutes to reach space.

  3. Can you draw aperfect circle? Draw a circlearound this. A game that tests your circle drawing skills. Try to draw a perfect circle and see how close you can get.

  4. Made with by Neal Agarwal. At 332 meters, this is the deepest any human has ever scuba dived. Set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. No sunlight is able to reach this deep. Many deep-sea creatures cope by creating light themselves - also known as bioluminescence.

  5. An interactive game that lets you spend Bill Gates' money. What would you do with 100 billion dollars?

  6. How many countries have you visited?

  7. What would you island have?

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