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  1. An overview of the Midwestern United States, a region of the United States Census Bureau that occupies the northern central part of the country. Learn about its history, geography, economy, culture, and sub-regions from this comprehensive article.

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    The land in the Midwest is generally thought of as consisting of rolling hills with some mountainous and flat regions like the Great Plains states. The far northern part of the Upper Mississippi valley is known as the Driftless Area, a region of very rugged hills centered primarily western Wisconsin, though the region includes small parts of northe...

    Midwesterners are sometimes viewed as open, friendly, and straightforward, or sometimes stereotyped as stubborn and uncultured. People view the Midwest as a very open place with lots of corn and wheat, very dry crops and sometimes simple people. Midwest values were shaped by religious beliefs and the agricultural values from the people who settled ...

    The accents of the Midwest are often clearly different from the accents of the South and many urban areas of the American Northeast. The accent of most of the Midwest is thought by many to be "standard" American English. Many national radio and television shows in the U.S. like this accent more than many other accents. This may have started because...

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  2. A Região Centro-Oeste dos Estados Unidos da América ( Midwestern region of the United States of America ou Midwest ), também chamada Meio-oeste, é uma das quatro regiões geográficas reconhecidas pelo Departamento do Censo dos Estados Unidos.

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  3. A comprehensive overview of the Midwestern United States, a census region of the U.S. Census Bureau that occupies the northern central part of the country. Learn about its sub-regions, largest metropolitan areas, population, demographics, economy, history, culture and more from Wikipedia and other sources.

  4. The Upper Midwest is a region in the northern portion of the U.S. Census Bureau's Midwestern United States. It includes the states of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and some others. It has diverse geography, climate, culture and politics. Learn about its history, economy, agriculture, language and more.

  5. Middle America is a colloquial term for the United States heartland, especially the culturally suburban areas of the United States, typically the Lower Midwestern region of the country, which consists of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and downstate Illinois .

  6. A comprehensive category of Wikipedia articles on the Midwestern United States, covering its culture, economy, history, geography, and more. Find subcategories, subpages, and links to related topics on the region's culture, economy, education, fauna, fiction, and more.