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  1. 31 de mar. de 2023 · He described the action between the Royal Navy schooner HMS Telegraph and the French corvette Filibustier.. The Filibustier had been waiting an opportunity to seal out of St. Jean du Luz for some months past; the near approach of the Marquis of Wellesley army made it absolutely necessary, and a dark and stormy night⁠1 determined her commander to risk the attempt.”

  2. Duke of Wellington is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.The name derived from Wellington in Somerset. The title was created in 1814 for Arthur Wellesley, 1st Marquess of Wellington (1769–1852; born as The Hon. Arthur Wesley), the Anglo-Irish military commander who is best known for leading the decisive victory with Field Marshal von Blücher over Napoleon's forces at Waterloo in ...

  3. 4 de jun. de 2021 · India under the British - The Marquis of Wellesley India under the British - Warren Hastings Revenue Administration and Economic Policy Palayakkarar Rebellion against the British The Great Revolt of 1857 Socio Religious Reform Movements in India Educational and Social Reforms of the British in India Indian National Movement (1905 - 1916)

  4. March 1801 the Governor-General, now Marquis of Wellesley, despatched a force via the Red Sea to Egj^pt, to co-operate with the English army there. But the Indian contingent, commanded b}' Sir David Baird, arrived too late to take any part in the fighting. Colonel Wellesle\7, after- wards the Duke of Wellington, was to have gone

  5. Wellesley (1760–1842), a seasoned politician, was no stranger to these underhand practices. He was born Richard Colley, Marquis of Wellesley, at the ancestral home of Dangen Castle in Meath ...

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    Found in A Wellesley affair : Richard Marquess Wellesley and the conduct of Anglo-Spanish diplomacy, 1809-1812 / J. K. Severn, 1981. — DNB=Wellesley, Richard Colley, Marquis of Wellesley, 1760-1842; 1781 Earl of Mornington; 1799 Marquis of Wellesley; 1798-1805 Governor General of India.

  7. 24 de jun. de 2010 · The Search for the Lost Mr. The disappearance of an English diplomat in Prussia in 1809 led to investigations that failed to discover him; but biographers may find that the chief clue to such a disappearance can be the recent mental and medical history of the subject, and the most convincing answer murder for personal gain.