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  1. French SMW Hacking Contest 2008. Play; Super Mario Bros. The Invaders of Mushroom Kingdom. Play; Item Abuse 3. Play; This Hack Needs a Name. Play; Yoshi's Strange Quest. Play; A Hack Thing 2. Play; Mario Lost in the Fruit Cave. Play; A Maxi Mini Hack B-Sides. Play; EVERY LEVEL IGGY! Play; App Strike. Play; Redeeming Peach. Play; Karoshi Mario ...

    • SMW Hack

      SMW Hack (Revision) by Super Mario Fan 01 [2015-06-28] (SMW...

  2. Find and download hundreds of hacked levels for Super Mario World, a classic platform game. Browse by name, date, difficulty, type, rating, size and more.

    Name - Date
    how long do snails sleep (vanilla) Added: ...
    1 exit (s)
    Misc.: Troll
    Arcyria Added: 2024-05-14 01:34:31 AM
    8 exit (s)
    Kaizo: Intermediate
    Tower Of Glory Added: 2024-05-12 08:19:05 ...
    1 exit (s)
    Kaizo: Intermediate
    OK Mario Added: 2024-05-12 07:35:38 PM
    15 exit (s)
    Kaizo: Intermediate
  3. SMW Central is the largest ROM hacking community for Super Mario World and other games. Find hacks, tools, tutorials, news, events and more on the site.

    • Lunar Magic
    • Graphics
    • ASM
    • Blocks
    • Sprites
    • Patches
    • UberASM
    • Music
    • SA-1
    • Some Other Common Terms

    The level editor for Super Mario World is called Lunar Magic (LM). It can open Super Mario WorldROMs, and it lets you edit levels, overworld maps, and more. (Some people say “Lunar Magic” when they mean “SMW hacking” as a whole, but there are a lot more tools involved than just Lunar Magic.) Two terms you’ll hear a lot are “objects” and “sprites”. ...

    Graphics in SMW hacks don’t come in modern image formats like PNG or JPG. Instead, they’re .bin files. To edit the game’s graphics, extract them from the ROM using Lunar Magic, then edit the GFX files with a tile editor, such as YY-CHR or Graphic Editor. Then, re-insert the graphics back into the ROM using Lunar Magic. If you want to add new graphi...

    ASM (short for Assembly) is the SNES’s programming language. It’s the language that Super Mario Worldwas programmed in, and all custom blocks/sprites/patches/etc. are also programmed in ASM. You do not need to know ASM to insert things that other people have made. ASM knowledge is only needed if you want to write your own, new code. (There are many...

    Levels are made of 16x16 tiles called blocks. Custom blocks let you give new behaviors to tiles. For example, you can have a block that gives the player 10 coins, or a block that’s solid to the player but passable for enemies. To insert custom blocks into your ROM, use a tool called GPS. A tutorial on how to use it can be found here. The SMW Blocks...

    Spritescan move independently of the foreground and can be active even when the player isn’t touching them. Custom sprites can be new enemies, bosses, platforms, carriable items, and more. To insert custom sprites into your ROM, use a tool called PIXI. A tutorial on how to use it can be found here. The SMW Spritessection has a whole lot of custom s...

    Patchesare code that rewrites parts of the ROM. You can apply a patch to your ROM to change the way the game works. For example, patches can give you multiple checkpoints per level, disable the status bar, give the player a health bar, and more. Patches are also used for very simple tweaks, like changing the amount of coins needed for a 1-Up, or fi...

    UberASM codeis special code that can be run during specific parts of the game. For example, UberASM can be used to give the player a new ability that can be used in any level, change the player's gravity in one specific level, or display graphical effects when on the overworld map. To add UberASM code to your ROM and set when it's run, use UberASMT...

    Music for Super Mario Worlddoesn’t come in modern audio formats like MP3 or WAV. Instead, music is written as text files that have note information. To insert custom music into your ROM, use a tool called AddmusicK. A tutorial on how to use it can be found here. The SMW Musicsection has a whole lot of custom music you can download and insert into y...

    The SA-1 is a special chip inside the game cartridge that enhances the performance of the console. It was included in some SNES games, such as Super Mario RPG. There’s a patch called the SA-1 packthat makes your ROM use the SA-1 chip. This lets you use more sprites at the same time with no lag, and more. It’s also a very complex patch that makes ma...

    Vanilla: A vanilla hack is a hack that uses very few or no custom resources, such as sprites, patches, music etc. The exact definition of vanilla varies from person to person, but a common definiti...
    Porting: Porting has two meanings – 1) converting an existing song to the SMW format (i.e. a text file), or 2) starting your hack over with a new clean ROM and transferring all old levels/graphics/...
    Ripping: Converting existing graphics (either from SNES games or from other sources) to a format that’s ready for Lunar Magic to insert.
    ROM: ROM has two meanings: 1) the game as a computer file, or 2) the contents of the game’s memory that don’t change during gameplay (all the code, graphics etc.). The SMW ROM Maplists all the part...
  4. Um hack de Super Mario World feito por romhackers da comunidade SMW Central, com 9 mundos e um mundo especial. Mario deve enfrentar uma corporação maligna chamada Norveg Industries que ameaça destruir o Mushroom Kingdom.

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  5. 28 de mar. de 2023 · Nintendo. O que é. Super Mario World Hacks: Descubra as hacks personalizados de Super Mario World, e como elas estão mudando a forma como vemos este jogo icônico. Conheça algumas das hacks mais famosas e saiba mais sobre essa comunidade criativa e apaixonada.

  6. TOP 7 AS HACKS MAIS JOGÁVEIS DE SUPER MARIO WORLD E BROS - O MARIO COMO VOCÊ NUNCA VIU! - YouTube. O game mais jogado do Super Nintendo também é o que tem mais versões loucas feito pelos fãs!

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