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  1. 26 de mai. de 2020 · Even though same name you need to make sure SQL User SID match the AAD Object ID or Application ID (In case of Service Principal or MSI). To fix it you will need to recreate user and grant required permissions

  2. 16 de mar. de 2022 · To create and add an Azure AD based contained user, in this case, the MSI/service principal, connect to the database with an Azure AD identity, as a user with at least the ‘ALTER ANY USER’ permission. Then use the following Transact-SQL syntax: - CREATE USER <Azure_AD_principal_name> FROM EXTERNAL PROVIDER;

  3. 10 de set. de 2022 · Regarding your ask for Error: Login failed for user '<token-identified principal>', it means the user is invalid, usually related to a AAD user that does not have user created on SQL DB that you are trying to connect (User DB or Master DB) or that the user is not the AAD Server Admin.

  4. 12 de out. de 2022 · login failed for user token-identified principal> I've spent many hours but was unable to find any good solution. Steps I've performed: Set the AD group (which I am part of) as an Admin of the Sql Server. Also tried my user as ad admin directly. Set my user under "Azure Service Authentication" in VS 2022

  5. 28 de ago. de 2020 · Re: Login Failed for user '<token-identified principal>' for Azure Active Directory Admin @mguarnier Hello, could you let me know what you mean by 'update your credentials' - I have one person that seems to intermittently be able to connect via data studio and one that cannot connect at all - very confusing - they are trying to connect to an apollo DB within Azure.

  6. 9 de mai. de 2023 · A possible solution may be to drop the user on the database and recreate the user as a contained database user mapped to the Azure Active Directory identity as explained here. For example, CREATE USER [] FROM EXTERNAL PROVIDER; CREATE USER [] FROM EXTERNAL PROVIDER;