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  1. Latvian (latviešu valoda; Latvian pronunciation: [ˈlatviɛʃu ˈvaluɔda]), also known as Lettish, is an East Baltic language belonging to the Indo-European language family. It belongs to the Baltic sub branch of the Balto-Slavic branch of the family and it is spoken in the Baltic region .

    • 1.5 million (2023)
    • ( f ) v
    • t͡s d͡z
    • p b
  2. 21 de nov. de 2023 · Learn about the Latvian language, a Baltic language spoken mainly in Latvia and spoken by about 1.5 million people. Find out its history, features, and dialects from Britannica, the online encyclopedia of knowledge.

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  3. Native name: latviešu valoda [latviɛʃu valuɔda] Language family: Indo-European, Balto-Slavic, Baltic, Eastern Baltic Number of speakers: 2 million Spoken in: Latvia First written: 1530 Writing system: Latin script Status: official language in Latvia and the European Union

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    Latvian is the sole official language. Livonian is considered an indigenous language and has special legal status. Latgalian written language and Latvian Sign Language also have special legal status. Latvia is de jure continuous with its declaration of 18 November 1918.

  5. Latvian (Latvian: latviešu valoda), is the official state language of Latvia. It is also called Lettish and Lettisch. It is estimated, that there are 1.75 million native speakers in Latvia. The Latvian alphabet has 33 letters. The letters are based on the Latin alphabet.

    • native 1.39 million (Latvia), 150,000 (Abroad), 1.54 million (Worldwide), second language: 500,000
    • Roman script