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  1. 6 de jun. de 2022 · Learn 5 simple steps to shooting a knuckleball. Striking a ball with knuckle is a great way to deceive the goalkeeper with it's unpredictable movement,, especially from distance, and in this...

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  2. 8 de mai. de 2015 · In this video Konzi from freekickerz reveals all the secrets behind hitting the perfect knuckleball! He has mastered the knuckleball technique & has been performing amazing knuckleballs for...

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  3. Learn how to shoot the ball with unpredictable movement a.k.a. the knuckleball.-------------------------------------Top 5 Knuckleball Footballs by Freekicker...

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    The "knuckleball" is when the ball does not spin as it flies through the air. Spin is what gives a ball stability as it at moves, and without it your shot will snake through the air, changing directions suddenly and making it nearly impossible for a keeper to predict. A good knuckleball is all in the follow-through, and with enough practice, you'll...

    Use a well inflated, full-size ball to practice.

    You want it to be nice and hard, and it absolutely must be regulation size. Hitting a knuckle requires you hit the ball firmly near the center and resist following through -- a flat, small ball will be easy to hit off to the sides and it will stay on your foot for longer, causing a spin. A slightly deflated ball is also a good way to START off with a knuckleball, but later, it is unnecessary.

    Perfecting this shot takes a lot of practice -- so having 5-10 balls to hit in a row will make your life much easier.

    It doesn't matter what brand of ball you use to practice, as long as it is full-sized and well pumped.

    Place your ball about 30 feet (10 meters) away from the goal.

    While you don't have to shoot at a goal, this is a good target to start with. Don't worry about the placement of your shot just yet -- you want to get the motion down first. As long as you hit in at the goal now you can work on accuracy later.

    Practice the hop step without a ball.

    While not all knuckle-ballers take this hop-step, it is incredibly helpful to keep the ball from spinning, especially on free kicks. Think of it as a slight scissor kick. If you're kicking with your right foot, you'd approach and place the left near the ball. As your right leg comes down, pull your left foot up and back, leaving your torso up to stay balanced. You then kick the ball and land on your right foot, placing it almost where the left was. You'll look like your running in place, or snapping your feet past each other like a broken set of scissors.

    Don't worry about power until you can hit the ball without spin.

    Many players want to go out, learn the knuckle, and start ripping pro-level free kicks in the same afternoon. Most of those players won't be able to do it. Instead, start learning with a simple 1-step run up, only 10-20 yards away from the goal. Work on a comfortably plant foot distance and resisting your follow-through motion. The ball may not zig-zag much at this speed, but you'll be able tell if it is spinning or not. Once you can hit the ball without spin it's time to move on to full strikes.

  4. 23 de mar. de 2020 · While the knuckleball is hard to master, you can do so by understanding the ways to throw it and by practicing your grip and release over and over again. Here's how to throw a knuckleball, in 5 easy steps.

  5. How to perform the perfect knuckle shot by Become Elite.A knuckle ball is when you strike the ball with the sweet spot of your foot directly in the center of...

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  6. 6 de jan. de 2021 · Knuckleball Tutorial FKBrasil Football 113K subscribers 859 11K views 2 years ago

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