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  1. 15 de mar. de 2009 · King Henry VIII was a real mummy's boy, his handwriting suggests. It was so similar to his mother's, it can be assumed he was emotionally dependent on women.

  2. 28 de mai. de 2017 · Well done to everyone who guessed Henry VIII! He was indeed the annotator who made notes in the Psalter (known as the Psalter of Henry VIII) and who penned love letters in the margin of Anne Boleyn's prayerbook. One of the Psalter's opening images portrays the king holding a book.

  3. 18 de dez. de 2008 · In Henry VIII's case, a dry stamp was used to put his signature on royal documents when he got too lazy to lift his chubby hand. This dry stamp left an imprint which could then be inked in by members of the Privy Chamber.

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  4. The British Library has recently acquired a unique medieval prayer roll that once belonged to Henry VIII, and contains one of only three surviving examples of his handwriting from before his accession in 1509. Produced in England in the late 15th century, it is one of the finest English prayer...

  5. 23 de abr. de 2009 · LONDON (Reuters Life!) - A handwritten love letter from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn, which curators say changed the course of history, is the star exhibit of a new show on the English king who came...