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  1. Engage with the Google Zipper, a whimsical Google Doodle Game that morphs the iconic logo into an enormous zipper. Slide it down with your mouse or finger to unveil the surprise concealed behind.

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  2. 24 de abr. de 2012 · Learn about Gideon Sundback, the Swedish-American inventor who patented the zipper in 1914. Explore the interactive zipper on the Google homepage and discover more doodles by color.

  3. Engaje-se com o Google Zipper, um divertido Jogo Doodle do Google que transforma o icônico logo em um enorme zíper. Deslize para baixo com seu mouse ou dedo para revelar a surpresa escondida por trás.

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    26 de mai. de 2024 · For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a compression ratio that is 2-10 % better than the ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip; Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats; Self-extracting capability for 7z format; Integration with Windows Shell; Powerful File Manager; Powerful command line version; Plugin for FAR Manager

  5. 20 de set. de 2023 · Instead of the usual Google logo, you were greeted with an enormous, interactive zipper. Click on it, and the magic happened! The zipper “unzipped” the Google logo to reveal search results related to Gideon Sundback and his invention.

  6. 31 de jul. de 2017 · Google Zipper is another trick from Elgoog developers created just for fun.Learn more -

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  7. 7 de jun. de 2019 · What is Google zipper? Google has a very interesting Doodle today - a giant zipper lets you "unzip" the logo and see the search results for Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the zipper. ...

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