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  1. 10 de abr. de 2022 · British Expansion Under Lord Wellesley In India. Last Updated : 10-Apr-2022. History. 7923 views. The next major expansion of British rule in India took place under the Governor General ship of Lord Wellesley, who arrived in India in 1798 at a time when the British were engaged in a world-wide battle with France.

  2. Lord Wellesley's transformative era in colonial India with wars, alliances, and press control. Learn about his aggressive policies and their impact on British dominance.

  3. Lord Wellesley's Subsidiary Alliance was yet another highly effective tool for expanding British territory and political influence in India. A ruler who accepted this treaty was barred from having relations with any other native ruler, and could not employ any European without the English's permission.

  4. Political conditions in India were propitious for a policy of (British) expansion: aggression was easy as well as profitable. Administrative Plans of Wellesley. To achieve his political aims, Wellesley relied on three methods i.e. The system of Subsidiary Alliances; Outright wars; and. Assumptions of the territories of previously subordinated ...

  5. Wellesley first applied this system in 1798 to Hyderabad, when the aging Niẓām ʿAlī Khan was in dire fear of the Marathas. In 1800 the subsidy was compounded for the nizam’s share of the Mysore annexations.

  6. Há 3 dias · Governors General of India, Part I: Wellesley. From 1798 until 1805, the Marquess Wellesley presided over a great extension of British influence, deliberately seeking to make the King’s Government in Whitehall the real paramount power in the sub-continent.

  7. Expansion under Lord Wellesley (1798–1805) Lord Wellesley came to India in 1798 when Britain and France were in the midst of a severe power struggle to gain prominence. Lord Wellesley realised that the time was apt to establish political control over India as the two strong contenders, the Mysore and Marathas, were declining in power.