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  1. Disenchanted Aerialite Ore is a Pre-Hardmode ore which generates inside of Clouds on Floating Islands upon world generation. Upon defeating The Hive Mind or The Perforators, the ore loses its disenchantment and becomes Aerialite Ore with a significantly lower pickaxe requirement of 65.

    • 100 required
    • Block-Ore
    • 445
  2. aerialite is not disenchanting after killing the perferator and hive mind... 🪲Bug Report🪲 its exactly as the title says, is there something i need to wait for?

  3. Main article: Disenchanted Aerialite Ore Disabled custom tile merging behavior to prevent performance issues. No longer appears on the Metal Detector. No longer has a pickaxe resistance of 2. : Can no longer be blown up. Can now merge with Dirt, Rain Cloud, and Stone Blocks. Introduced.

    • Overview
    • Crafting
    • Notes

    Aerialite Ore



    "The ground is glittering with cyan light."

    •Aerialite Ore can be destroyed by explosives after the Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds have been defeated.

    •Defeating both the The Perforators and The Hive Mind will not generate Aerialite Ore twice.

  4. Udisen Games show how to get, find Aerialite Ore & Bar and Disenchanted Aerialite Ore & Bar in Calamity Mod in Terraria without cheats and mods! Only vanill...

    • 3 min
    • 25,2K
    • Udisen Games
  5. 22 de jan. de 2024 · I'll show you how to get Aerialite Ore in the Terraria Calamity mod. Aerialite Ore is a Pre-Hardmode ore that generates as Disenchanted Aerialite Ore on Floating Islands upon world generation. And ...

    • 51 seg
    • 613
    • Luprik
  6. No. The disenchanted Aerialite cannot be mined in pre-hardmode before the perfs or hm have been defeated. This is an actual bug.