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  1. Cosette é um personagem fictício do romance de 1862 Os Miseráveis de Victor Hugo e nas muitas adaptações da história para teatro, cinema e televisão. Seu nome de nascimento, Euphrasie, é mencionado apenas brevemente. Filha órfã de mãe solteira abandonada pelo pai, Hugo nunca lhe dá um sobrenome.

  2. Cosette is one of the main protagonists in the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. She is the illegitimate daughter of Fantine and Félix Tholomyès. Her birth name is Euphrasie but she is referred to throughout her life as "Cosette."

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    Cosette (French pronunciation:) is a fictional character in the 1862 novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and in the many adaptations of the story for stage, film, and television. Her birth name, Euphrasie, is only mentioned briefly.

  4. Cosette, surnom d' Euphrasie, est l'un des personnages du roman de Victor Hugo, Les Misérables ( 1862 ). Son nom est devenu synonyme d'enfant maltraitée, exploitée par des adultes, notamment pour les tâches domestiques.

  5. Learn about Cosette, the adopted daughter of Jean Valjean, who grows from a poor and neglected child to a beautiful and loving woman. Find out how she transforms, rebels, and marries in the novel by Victor Hugo.

  6. Learn about Cosette, the innocent and loving daughter of Fantine and Jean Valjean, who is rescued from the Thenardiers and marries Marius. Explore her quotes, themes, and symbolism in Victor Hugo's epic novel.

  7. Valjean saves Cosette from the Thénardiers on Christmas Eve 1823, fulfilling his promise to Fantine. He pays a high price for the girl and shows his love and generosity in contrast to the Thénardiers' greed and cruelty.