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  1. Your home for digital learning. Get access to a wide range of activities, resources and tools to support your teaching and learning with Cambridge. Log in Sign up. What’s special about Cambridge One? All in one place. Easy access to all teaching and learning materials in one place across multiple devices. Age-appropriate.

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  4. Home. New! Reading. New! Listening. New! Writing. Why choose IELTS Intelligence? IELTS intelligence is the convenient way to maximise your study time and achieve your best results. Developed by Cambridge, this online tool shows your strengths and weaknesses through Test Packs and detailed feedback.

  5. To help you continue to deliver successful learning experiences, we’re providing you with an upgrade from the CLMS to our new digital learning environment, Cambridge One. Cambridge One offers easy access to all teaching and learning materials in one place, and you’ll also find bite-sized activities, gamified experiences and time-saving tools.

  6. If you’re new to Cambridge One, you may find our Welcome video helpful. It introduces some of the basics to get you started, like how to set up a school account, create classes, add students, add teachers, and monitor student’s progress.

  7. Cambridge One is a mobile-friendly learning environment for English language learners and teachers.

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