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  1. Definition of Architecture. Architecture could be basically defined as ‘the art and science of designing and constructing buildings’. As a word, ‘architecture’ can carry several other meanings, such as: The product or result of architectural work: buildings, urban areas and landscapes.

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  2. drawings, perspective and rendering, model making, introduction to computer aided design and drafting, Applying of principle of architectural composition (i.e. unity, contrast, etc.), Principles of planning, orientation in detailed drawings. Classification of buildings.

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  3. Unit: -2 Building Planning- Classification of buildings, Provisions of National Building Codes and Rules, Building bye-laws, open area, Setbacks, FAR terminology, Design and drawing of Building, Design concepts and philosophies, Preparing sketch plans and working drawings of various types of buildings like residential buildin...

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  4. 6 de jul. de 2019 · These Building Planning & Architecture quick revision notes will help you prepare on the exam day and score good marks. List of topics covered in Building Planning & Architecture quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book for Civil Engineering Second Year:

    • What Is Building Planning?
    • Principles of Building Planning
    • Conclusion

    Building Planning is the arrangement of various components or units of a building in a systematic manner so as to form a meaningful and homogeneous structure to meet its functional purpose. The arrangement of the various rooms in the building is known as Planning of Building. Building planning is a graphical representation of what a building will l...

    These principles are not as rigid as laws of nature, certain deviations from these principles are necessary and inadequacies in them are to be met with by an individual. Basic principles of building planning 1. Aspect 2. Prospect 3. Furniture Requirements 4. Roominess 5. Grouping 6. Circulation 7. Sanitation 8. Elegance 9. Privacy 10. Flexibility 1...

    In conclusion, the principle of building planning provides a comprehensive framework to create sustainable structure, by considering factors such as functionality, sustainability, safety, accessibility, site analysis and professionals can design building which fulfil the actual needs of home usurers or occupants while minimizing the environmental i...

  5. 26 de fev. de 2021 · The Fundamentals of Projecting Plans Written by Diego Hernández Published on February 26, 2021 Share Architectural plans require training in order to read, understand, and produce. Mastering...