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  1. Beekeeper Studio is a good looking and easy to use SQL client for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server, and more. It offers features such as SSL encryption, SQL auto completion, table editing, data export, and user testimonials.

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      Beekeeper Studio runs entirely on end-user computers and so...

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      Download Beekeeper Studio for MacOS, Linux, or Windows....

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      Free & Open Source SQL editor and database manager for...

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      Beekeeper Studio is built and maintained by Matthew Rathbone...

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      Beekeeper Studio is a database manager and SQL GUI. It is a...

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      Beekeeper Studio is a free and open source database client....

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      Beekeeper Studio is focused on providing an enjoyable,...

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      Beekeeper Studio is pleasant to use. We’ve designed...

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    • How to install Beekeeper Studio
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    Beekeeper Studio is a cross-platform SQL editor and database manager available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Beekeeper Studio Community Edition is GPL licensed so it is free (libre) and free (gratis).

    •Download the full version from the Beekeeper Studio website

    •Download the community edition from the releases page

    We publish binaries for MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

    👉 Join the community Slack

    1.Beekeeper Studio - The full version of Beekeeper Studio with all features. Buying Beekeeper Studio is also the best way to support the community edition. Download from our website

    2.Beekeeper Studio Community Edition - This repository. This is the open source version of Beekeeper Studio. It is a full featured database management client that is totally free and open source. Download from the releases page

    Top feature: It's smooth 🍫, fast 🏎, and you'll actually enjoy using it 🥰

    •Truly cross-platform: Windows, MacOS, and Linux

    •Autocomplete SQL query editor with syntax highlighting

    •Tabbed interface, so you can multitask

    •Sort and filter table data to find just what you need

    •Sensible keyboard-shortcuts

    I love working on Beekeeper Studio, and I'd love to keep growing and improving it forever. To do that I need your help.

    The best way to support Beekeeper Studio is to purchase the Ultimate Edition. Every purchase directly supports my work on Beekeeper Studio.

    If you can't afford a license, please consider becoming a project sponsor.

    Thank you for your continued support!

    Check out for user guides, FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and more.

    Beekeeper Studio Community Edition (the code in this repository) is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

    Beekeeper Studio Ultimate Edition contains extra features and is licensed under a commercial end user agreement (EULA).

    Trademarks can be complicated with open source projects, so we have adapted a set of standard guidelines for using our trademarks that are common to many open source projects.

    If you are just using the Beekeeper Studio app, and you are not forking or distributing Beekeeper Studio code in any way, these probably don't apply to you.

    Contributor Agreements

    •Building an inclusive and welcoming community is important to us, so please follow our code of conduct as you engage with the project. •By contributing to the project you agree to the terms of our contributor guidelines.

    Contribute without coding

    We have you covered, read our guide to contributing in 10 minutes without coding.

    Compiling and Running Beekeeper Studio Locally

    Want to write some code and improve Beekeeper Studio? Getting set-up is easy on Mac, Linux, or Windows.

    Upgrading Electron Gotchas

    This is always a total pain and will break the build 9/10. Some things you need to consider when upgrading Electron: 1.Does it use a different node version. Eg Electron-18 uses node 14, 22 uses node 16. So everyone needs to upgrade 2.Does node-abi need to be upgraded to be able to understand the electron version? This is used in the build to fetch prebuilt packages. You need to upgrade this in root/package.json#resolutions 3.Were any APIs deprecated or removed? Make sure all features that interact with the Electron APIs still work, stuff like - selecting a file, maximizing a window, running a query, etc.

    Release Process

    1.Up the version number in package.json 2.Replace build/ with the latest release notes. Follow the format that is there. •run git log ..HEAD --oneline | grep 'Merge pull' to find PRs merged 1.Commit 2.Push to master 3.Create a tag git tag v . It must start with a 'v' 4.git push origin •Now wait for the build/publish action to complete on Github 1.Push the new release live •Go to the new 'draft' release on the releases tab of github, edit the notes, publish •Log into, drag the uploaded release into the 'stable' channel for each architecture. This should also publish the latest docs Post Release: 1.Copy release notes to a blog post, post on website 2.Tweet link 3.Share on LinkedIn 4.Send to mailing list on SendInBlue

    Beekeeper Studio is a cross-platform SQL client for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server, and more. It has a smooth, fast, and user-friendly interface, and supports various features such as autocomplete, query history, themes, and data export.

  2. Beekeeper Studio is a modern GUI for database management and querying. Download it for Windows, MacOS, or Linux and enjoy advanced features like team workspaces, Oracle support, and solarized themes.

  3. 9 de mar. de 2020 · Beekeeper Studio is a free and open source tool for editing and managing SQL databases. See the latest features, bug fixes, and compatibility updates for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server, and more.

  4. Beekeeper Studio is a desktop app that lets you manage and query various databases with a visual interface. Learn how to install, configure, and use Beekeeper Studio for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and more.

  5. Learn how to install and use Beekeeper Studio, a desktop application for managing and querying databases. Follow the beginners guide with the Sakila demo database or your own database.

  6. Beekeeper Studio is a modern and easy to use SQL client for various databases. Explore its repositories, releases, and sponsors on GitHub.

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