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  1. Avatar: The Last AirbenderInto the Inferno (known as Avatar: The Legend of Aang – Into the Inferno in Europe) is a 2008 video game based on the Nickelodeon animated TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Like the previous two games which were set in the first and second seasons, the game's setting is based upon the show's third ...

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    Avatar Aang awakens on a captured Fire Nation ship with his friends, recovered from the ordeal in Ba Sing Se. They hear the horn of an approaching ship and make their way to the back, where they fight off firebending soldiers. Aang finds out about the plan to invade the Fire Nation during a solar eclipse, which will render the firebenders powerless...

    Gameplay styles vary widely between the PlayStation 2, Wii, and Nintendo DS versions. In the Nintendo DS version, the characters have very large heads, giving the game a cartoonish feel similar in design to the Super Deformed Shorts. Katara is able to make ice bridges and ice blocks, albeit only when the player is fighting Azula, as well as bloodbe...

    The Awakening

    Aang wakes on a Fire Navy ship. Katara greets him and states how she was glad he was okay. They find that the ship has been damaged by another attacking Fire Navy vessel and use their prowess in bending to navigate the ship to the deck. Aang and Katara repel several Fire Nation boarding parties. Once they make it to the main deck, Aang uses his earthbending to prime several catapults with boulders, destroying the opposing Fire Nation ship.

    The Arms Factory

    Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph arrive at a Fire Nation fishing village. The majority of the village is contaminated with disease and sickness due to a large Fire Nation arms factory built nearby polluting the river with waste. Aang and Katara infiltrate the factory and navigate it. They eventually disable the factory and escape. As a result, the waste from the factory is stopped and the village water source is purified.

    Pier Fight

    In the morning, a delegation of Fire Nation soldiers attacks the village as punishment for the destruction of their factory. Aang and Katara defend the village from the soldiers and eventually face General Mung, leader of the soldiers. They achieve victory and Mung ends up floating in the river.

    Levels and Boss Fights - Players can experience both regular levels and levels devoted to fighting bosses.
    Special Combat Moves – The player can perform massive martial arts moves with their favorite characters from the series. With exciting new Wii functionality, master all four elements (water, earth,...
    All new flying levels – The player can fly on gliders and explore the never seen parts of the Avatar Worldlike never before. Levels are based on some of the actual episodes from Book Three:
    General Mung - Pier Fight (Fought with Aang and Katara)
    Azula's Dai Li agents - Fire Lord in Hiding (Fought with Aang and Toph)

    Console credits

    Project manager: 1. Jon Cartwright Lead designer: 1. Don Kirkland Scriptwriter: 1. Leanne C Taylor Cast: Fire Nation soldiers: 1. Fred Tatasciore 2. Jennie Kwan (misspelled Jenni) 3. Olivia Hack 4. Grey DeLisle 5. Greg Baldwin 6. Nolan North 7. Douglas Carrigan Fire Nation villagers: 1. Fred Tatasciore 2. Nolan North 3. Grey DeLisle 4. James Garrett

    DS credits

    Project manager: 1. Scott Cameron 2. Shainiel Deo Design: 1. Luke Muscat 2. Simon Joslin Script writer: 1. Leanne C. Taylor

    United States 1. PS2: October 13, 2008 (released) 2. DS: November 10, 2008 (released) 3. Wii: October 13, 2008 (released) United Kingdom 1. DS: November 7, 2008 (released) 2. PS2: October 31, 2008 (released) 3. Wii: October 31, 2008 (released) Australia 1. PS2: November 2, 2008 (released) 2. DS :November 6, 2008 (released) 3. Wii: October 30, 2008 ...

    Max coins: 66639224
    All concept art: 27858343
    All chapters: 52993833
    All new characters: 76345467

    The game received mixed reviews from critics, with much of the praise going to the animation and strong controls. IGN stated in their review it was a "fun game" that "wasn't bad", but added it was mainly best suited for fans of the show.

  2. 30 de ago. de 2021 · Avatar: The Last Airbender - Into the Inferno - Full Game Walkthrough / Longplay (PS2) 1080p 60fps - YouTube. Game Master TV. 100K subscribers. 498. 38K views 2 years ago. Detonado /...

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  3. Avatar: The Last AirbenderInto the Inferno é um jogo baseado na animação de TV da Nickelodeon Avatar: A Lenda de Aang. Como nos dois jogos anteriores, que foram baseados na primeira e segunda temporada da animação, a configuração do jogo é baseada na terceira e última temporada.

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  4. With Zach Tyler Eisen, Mae Whitman, Jack De Sena, Michaela Jill Murphy. Like the previous two games in the series, which were set in the first and second seasons, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Into the Inferno is based upon the show's third and final season.

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  5. 6 de abr. de 2009 · Into the Inferno é, basicamente, um aglomerado de desafios envolvendo pequenas doses de raciocínio e uso extremo do Wii Remote como um controle remoto. Na maior parte do tempo, o jogador deve apontar o controle diretamente para a tela e executar movimentos variados. A manipulação dos elementos naturais, no jogo, é o que mais chama a atenção.

  6. 3 de out. de 2019 · 10min Gameplay. 43.9K subscribers. Subscribed. 15. 3.6K views 4 years ago #AvatarTheLastAirbender #wii #gameplay. Avatar: The Last AirbenderInto the Inferno gameplay for the...

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