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  1. He was succeeded in the other titles by his younger brother William Wellesley-Pole, 1st Baron Maryborough, who became the third Earl of Mornington. He was also a politician and notably served as Chief Secretary for Ireland between 1809 and 1812 and as Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer between 1811 and 1812.

  2. William Wellesley-Pole, 3rd Earl of Mornington (1763–1845), who married Katherine Forbes, daughter of Adm. John Forbes and Lady Mary Capell (a daughter of the 3rd Earl of Essex, in 1784. Francis Wellesley (1767–1770), who died in childhood.

  3. 1814–1823 William Wellesley-Pole; 1823–1827 Thomas Wallace; 1827–1828 George Tierney; 1828–1830 John Charles Herries; 1830–1834 The Lord Auckland; 1834–1835 Hon. James Abercrombie; 1835 Alexander Baring; 1835–1841 Henry Labouchere; 1841–1845 William Ewart Gladstone; 1845–1846 Sir George Clerk, 6th Baronet; 1846–1850 Richard ...

  4. Sir William and Lady Johnstone; Sir Howe and Lady De Lancey (invited but declined) Hon. Mrs. Pole (wife of William Wellesley-Pole, the Duke of Wellington's second brother, later Lady Mornington) Mr. and Mrs. Lance, their daughter and son, Mr. Lance, Jr. Mr. Ord and his daughters; Mr. and Mrs. Greathed; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd

  5. William Wellesley-Pole, III conte di Mornington John Pomeroy: 1790 – 1797 con John Pomeroy 1790–1791 Clotworthy Taylor, I barone Langford 1791–1795 Henry Wellesley 1795 William Arthur Crosbie 1795–1797 Chichester Fortescue William Arthur Crosbie

  6. Duke of Wellington is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.The name derived from Wellington in Somerset. The title was created in 1814 for Arthur Wellesley, 1st Marquess of Wellington (1769–1852; born as The Hon. Arthur Wesley), the Anglo-Irish military commander who is best known for leading the decisive victory with Field Marshal von Blücher over Napoleon's forces at Waterloo in ...

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    February 22 – William Wellesley-Pole, 3rd Earl of Mornington, British politician (b. 1763) March – Nicolás Espinoza, Head of State of El Salvador (b. 1795) March 13 – Charles-Guillaume Étienne, French playwright (b. 1778) March 18 – Johnny Appleseed, American pioneer (b. 1774) April 10 – Dr. Thomas Sewall, American anatomist (b. 1786)