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  3. Patriot Whigs. The Patriot Whigs, later the Patriot Party, were a group within the Whig Party in Great Britain from 1725 to 1803. The group was formed in opposition to the government of Robert Walpole in the House of Commons in 1725, when William Pulteney (later 1st Earl of Bath) and seventeen other Whigs joined with the Tory Party in attacks ...

  4. Radicals (UK) The Radicals were a loose parliamentary political grouping in Great Britain and Ireland in the early to mid-19th century who drew on earlier ideas of radicalism and helped to transform the Whigs into the Liberal Party .

  5. The Federalist Party was a nationalist American political party and the first political party in the United States. It dominated the national government under Alexander Hamilton from 1789 to 1801. The party was defeated by the Democratic-Republican Party in 1800, and it became a minority party while keeping its stronghold in New England .

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    Die Bezeichnung Whig wurde ursprünglich beleidigend von den politischen Gegnern gebraucht und bedeutet ‚Viehtreiber‘ (Whiggamore). Erstmals wurde der Begriff für eine Parlamentsgruppe während der Krise um den Popish Plot und die Exclusion Bill in den Jahren 1679–1681 verwendet. Diese versuchte erfolglos, mit einer großen ...

  7. Whigs (British political party) The Whigs were a political faction and then a political party in the Parliaments of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Between the 1680s and the 1850s, the Whigs contested power with their rivals, the Tories. The Whigs merged into the new Liberal Party with the Peelites and Radicals ...