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  1. 31 de dez. de 2014 · Triumph of the Will (German: Triumph des Willens) is a propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl. It chronicles the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. The film contains excerpts from speeches given by various Nazi leaders at the Congress, including portions of speeches by Adolf Hitler, interspersed with footage of massed party ...

  2. Triumph des Willens (Brasil: Triunfo da Vontade / Portugal: O Triunfo da Vontade) é um filme alemão dirigido pela cineasta Leni Riefenstahl. Sua estreia se deu a 28 de março de 1935. [2]

  3. Triumph of the Will (German: Triumph des Willens) is a 1935 German Nazi propaganda film directed, produced, edited and co-written by Leni Riefenstahl. Adolf Hitler commissioned the film and served as an unofficial executive producer; his name appears in the opening titles.

  4. Triumph of the Will: Directed by Leni Riefenstahl. With Adolf Hitler, Max Amann, Martin Bormann, Walter Buch. The infamous propaganda film of the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg, Germany.

  5. 17 de set. de 2013 · Triumph des Willens (1935) Leni Riefenstahl's documentary about the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg. The opening scene has Hitler descending from the clouds in his air plane. I discuss...

  6. Perhaps the most famous Nazi propaganda film, Triumph of the Will has been the source of much discussion since its premiere in 1935. Director Leni Riefenstahl set out to “document” the annual Nazi party rally in September 1934 with a keen eye and with the advanced technology to capture wide pans and close-up shots from below while the ...

  7. The result was Der Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will)—a Nazi propaganda film widely considered to be among the most effective of its kind. Screens of text open the film, framing Hitler as a savior whose coming began “the German Rebirth.”

  8. O TRIUNFO DA VONTADE. Profa. Ms. Cintia M. S. Palma. (Triumph des Willens) Gênero: Documentário/Guerra. Duração: 114 minutos. Lançamento: 1935. País: Alemanha.

  9. 22 de jan. de 2020 · Leni Riefenstahl. Publication date. 1934. Topics. Triumph des Willens Triumph of the will Triunfo de la voluntad. Item Size. 1150467142. The historical document of the 1934 Congress of the National Socialist German Workers Party. New edition © 2015 The Film Preserve.

  10. In Leni Riefenstahl. …Hitler; Triumph des Willens (1935; Triumph of the Will ), an important documentary study of the 1934 Nazi Party convention at Nürnberg that emphasized the unity of the party, introduced the leaders to the German people, and exhibited Nazi power to the world; and Olympische Spiele (1938; Olympia ), a two-part film ...

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