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  1. The Final Programme is a 1973 British fantasy science fiction-thriller film directed by Robert Fuest, and starring Jon Finch and Jenny Runacre.It was based on the 1968 Jerry Cornelius novel of the same name by Michael Moorcock.

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    The film ends with her standing on a beach alone before being joined by a young child (presumably Micah's son). A voice over of a letter from Sam to Micah tells how beautiful the Earth is, how those who have left the planet will have learned to fear it, and that they are waiting for them to return. Cast. Margaret Qualley as Sam Walden

  3. Lala Satalin Deviluke (ララ・サタリン・デビルーク, Rara Satarin Debirūku?) is the main female protagonist of To-Love Ru Series, but takes a more minor role in To-Love-Ru Darkness. The story begins with Lala running away from home as she didn't want to get married to any of her suitors. Due to an accident, she ends up naked in Yuuki Rito's bathtub. Upon arriving on Earth, Lala ...

  4. 30/09/2022 · What are the best movies to watch on Hulu? We put together a list of the best movies to watch on Hulu right now, including Hulu originals, exclusives, and our own personal favorites.