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  1. To Have or to Be? is a 1976 book by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, in which he differentiates between having and being. It was originally published in the World Perspectives book series edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen for Harper & Row publishing firm. Fromm writes that modern society has become materialistic and prefers "having" to "being".

  2. 26 de fev. de 2013 · To Have or To Be? Erich Fromm. Open Road Media, Feb 26, 2013 - Philosophy - 215 pages. From the legendary psychoanalyst who wrote The Art of Loving and Escape from Freedom: A profound...

    • The Modes of Having and Being
    • One Flower, Two Worlds
    • Having and Being as States of Mind

    Erich Fromm thinks that we can capture a fundamental difference between two entirely different ways of living one’s life in the distinction between “having” and “being.” In a naive, grammatical view, one might think that “having” would apply to possessions (“I have a car”), while “being” would be used to describe properties of a person (“I am a sin...

    To illustrate the difference between the two modes of existence, Fromm quotes two poems. Each is about a flower. One is English, Western, and written in the mode of having. One is Japanese, Eastern, and written in the mode of being. It’s interesting to see them side by side: English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson (1850–1892): Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō ...

    Fromm also looks at our everyday language and our use of verbs and nouns — and finds there symptoms of our “having”-heavy lifestyles too. In recent times, he says, nouns are used more often than verbs: But this is not only a random choice of words. When we speak like this, we create a different relationship to things. “I have a problem” replaces th...

    • Andreas Matthias
  3. 4 de nov. de 2020 · This is a comprehensive summary of the book To Have or to Be? by Erich Fromm. Covering the key ideas and proposing practical ways for achieving what’s mentioned in the text. Written by book fanatic and online librarian Ivaylo Durmonski.

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  4. 3 min. leitura 43 Visualizações. Neste artigo você vai aprender dois verbos essenciais para formar muitas das frases mais úteis da língua inglesa. Os primeiros verbos a serem aprendidos são to be (ser) e to hav e (ter). No inglês informal, o verbo to be pode sofrer contração, como em “ I’m ” em vez de “ I am “.

  5. To be or to have ? To be / to have exercises elementary level - present simple. Auxiliary verbs exercises : am - is - are - have - has.

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