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  1. rank [ ranked|ranked] {verbo} classificar [ classificando|classificado] {v.} So, everybody can rank these Monet prints from the one they like the most, to the one they like the least. expand_more Toda a gente pode classificar estes quadros de Monet desde a que gostam mais até à que gostam menos.

  2. a particular position, higher or lower than others: He's in the front /first rank of (= one of the best) international tennis players. Consumer preferences were placed in rank order from 1 to 5. ranks [ plural ] the members of a group or organization: Party ranks have swelled by nearly 300,000.

  3. rank noun (POSITION) C1 [ C or U ] a position in an organization, such as the army, showing the importance of the person having it: senior /high/ junior / low rank. He has just been promoted to the rank of captain. Ministers of cabinet rank receive a higher salary than other ministers.

  4. Rank Ranking % Liga % Desafiante : 0.019%: 0.019% : GrandMaster : 0.062%: 0.062% : Master : 0.23%: 0.23% : Diamante I : 0.34%: 2.1% : Diamante II : 0.43%

  5. 1. a. : relative standing or position. b. : a degree or position of dignity, eminence, or excellence : distinction. soon took rank as a leading attorney J. D. Hicks. c. : high social position. the privileges of rank.

  6. League of Legends Rankings dos Jogadores, estatísticas, habilidades, builds. Estatísticas dos Campeões, popularidade, índice de vitória, melhores itens e feitiços.

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