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  1. 13 de abr. de 2023 · The Ivory Tower is a unique Saint's Hauberk . Contents 1 Mechanics 2 Item acquisition 2.1 Recipes 3 Gallery 4 Version history 5 References Mechanics Chaos Damage is taken from Mana before Life behaves similarly to Mind over Matter. When combined with Divine Flesh half of the elemental damage is taken as chaos damage instead.

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    In the Christian tradition, the term ivory tower is used as a symbol for noble purity. It originates with the Song of Songs 7:4 ("Your neck is like an ivory tower"; in the Hebrew Masoretic text, it is found in 7:5) and was included in the epithets for Mary in the sixteenth-century Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary ("tower of ivory ...

  3. The Ivory Tower (em português, A torre de marfim) é um romance de Henry James, publicado postumamente em 1917 [ 1]. Esta é uma história incômoda na era de ouro dos Estados Unidos. Foca-se nas riquezas ganhas por uma dupla de milionários e ex-sócios moribundos, Abel Gaw e Frank Betterman, e seu possível efeito corruptor nas pessoas que os circulam.

  4. To live or be in an ivory tower is not to know about or to want to avoid the ordinary and unpleasant things that happen in people's lives: Academics sitting in ivory towers have no understanding of what is important for ordinary people. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Aware abreast acquainted alive alive to something idiom awakening

  5. The Ivory Tower is an unfinished novel by Henry James, posthumously published in 1917. The novel is a brooding story of Gilded Age America. It centers on the riches earned by a pair of dying millionaires and ex-partners, Abel Gaw and Frank Betterman, and their possibly corrupting effect on the people around them.

    • 6 September 1917