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  1. Há 1 dia · The early Cyrillic alphabet was developed in the 9th century AD and replaced the earlier Glagolitic script developed by the Bulgarian theologians Cyril and Methodius. It is the basis of alphabets used in various languages, past and present, Slavic origin, and non-Slavic languages influenced by Russian. As of 2011, around 252 million people in ...

  2. Há 4 dias · Dutch grammar. Dutch phonology is similar to that of other West Germanic languages, especially Afrikaans and West Frisian . Standard Dutch has two main de facto pronunciation standards: Northern and Belgian. Northern Standard Dutch is the most prestigious accent in the Netherlands. It is associated with high status, education and wealth.

  3. Há 5 dias · As a polysynthetic language, Cherokee differs dramatically from Indo-European languages such as English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, and as such can be difficult for adult learners to acquire. A single Cherokee word can convey ideas that would require multiple English words to express, from the context of the assertion and connotations about the speaker to the idea's action and its object.

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    Há 4 dias · A notable feature of Luganda phonology is its geminate consonants and distinctions between long and short vowels. Speakers generally consider consonantal gemination and vowel lengthening to be two manifestations of the same effect, which they call simply "doubling" or "stressing". Luganda is also a tonal language; the change in the pitch of a ...

  5. Há 3 dias · Urum or Greek Tatar, spoken by Orthodox Christians, used the Greek alphabet. Judaeo-Spanish or Ladino, a Jewish dialect of Spanish, has occasionally been published in Greek characters in Greece. The Italian humanist Giovan Giorgio Trissino tried to add some Greek letters (Ɛ ε, Ꞷ ω) to Italian orthography in 1524. In mathematics and science

  6. Há 4 dias · Uralic Phonetic Alphabet ꝱ Dum: Medieval abbreviation ẟ Delta: Medieval Welsh, cf. Greek: Δ δ: ᴇ: Small capital E: Uralic Phonetic Alphabet ꬲ Blackletter E: Jakob Vetsch’s phonetic transcription system for German dialectology ꬳ Barred E: Teuthonista phonetic transcription system for German dialectology ꬴ E with flourish

  7. Há 5 dias · Valencian is the official language in the Valencian Community, along with Spanish, which is the official language of Spain. Everyone shall have the right to know and use them, and to receive education on Valencian and in Valencian. No one can be discriminated against by reason of their language.