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    Maqui can refer to: Aristotelia chilensis, or maqui berry, a plant from South America. Maqui Edicions, a Spanish publishing house specialized in role-playing games; see Vajra Enterprises. Spanish Maquis, resistance in Spain against the Francoist State. Maqui, a term, ultimately of Algonquian origin, used by French colonists for the Mohawk People.

  3. 스페인어 문서의 기계 번역 버전을 봅니다.; DeepL이나 Google Translate 등의 기계번역은 번역의 시작점이 됩니다.단, 번역자는 기계번역 텍스트를 영어 위키피디아에 복사하여 붙여넣는 것이 아니라 필요에 따라 오류를 수정하고 번역이 정확한지 확인해야 합니다.

  4. Sociological Francoism ( Spanish: franquismo sociológico) is an expression used in Spain which attests to the social characteristics typical of Francoism that survived in Spanish society after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975 and continue to the present day. [1]

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    The term "maqui" comes from the french term "maquis" ("a small mountain, covered with weeds"), which comes in turn from the corsican term "macchia", meaning "dense, deep forest" or "thick vegetation". It was the expression used for privateers when, fleeing from the authorities, they would seek refuge in the mountains of Corsica.

  6. Maquis shrubland. Maquis ( UK: / mæˈkiː / ma-KEE, US: / mɑːˈkiː / mah-KEE, French: [maki]) or macchia ( / ˈmɑːkiə / MAH-kee-ə, Italian: [ˈmakkja]; often macchia mediterranea in Italian; Croatian: makija; Occitan: maquís; Catalan: màquia) is a shrubland biome in the Mediterranean region, typically consisting of densely growing ...

  7. 21 de set. de 2018 · Por la influencia francesa se comenzó a usar el término maqui para referirse a los guerrilleros que se enfrentaban al régimen franquista. Los orígenes de los maquis se pueden observar en aquellas personas que, debido al avance del bando franquista, deciden “echarse al monte” y comenzar una lucha de guerrillas contra el ejército sublevado.