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  1. List of songs recorded by George Harrison. George Harrison in 1974. George Harrison (1943–2001) was an English musician who gained international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. With his songwriting contributions limited by the dominance of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Harrison was the first member of the Beatles to ...

    Writer (s)
    Original Release
    "Absolutely Sweet Marie" (live)
    George Harrison
    "Almost 12 Bar Honky Tonk" ‡
    George Harrison
    All Things Must Pass (50th anniversary ...
  2. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of George Harrison's classic solo album, All Things Must Pass, the George Harrison Estate is pleased to announce a new...

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    • ‘Bangla Desh’
    • ‘Got My Mind Set on You’
    • ‘Wah Wah’
    • ‘Think For Yourself’
    • ‘I Me Mine’
    • ‘Isn’T It A Pity’
    • ‘What Is Life’
    • ‘Within You Without You’
    • ‘Something’

    One of Harrison’s crowning achievements in music is not a song or album but arranging the first-ever concert benefit with The Concert For Bangladesh, an event that saw a plethora of stars take to the stage in support of the war-torn country. This standalone single was released by Harrison to raise money and awareness for the stricken country. One o...

    One of the most infectious songs ever written was expertly performed by Harrison on his 1987 chart-topping album Cloud Nine. Originally written by Rudy Clark, the song saw Harrison back in the charts after a five-year hiatus. It may not be Harrison’s coolest release but certainly is one of the most played. Expect to hear this at every wedding forev...

    “At that point in time, Paul couldn’t see beyond himself,” Harrison told Guitar Worldin 2001. “He was on a roll, but…in his mind, everything that was going on around him was just there to accompany him. He wasn’t sensitive to stepping on other people’s egos or feelings.” Harrison admitted: “I just got so fed up with the bad vibes,” he told Musician...

    It took a little while for the spiritual and sublime songwriting talent of George Harrison to emerge from The Beatles. Harrison, often dubbed the ‘Quiet Beatle’, was being rather more contemplative than subdued as he soon delivered a plethora of songs, both with and without The Beatles, that would concern the spiritual balance of the modern world. ...

    This was the very last song The Beatles ever worked on and is depicted in the Let It Bemovie. It saw the Fab Four gather at the iconic Abbey Road studios early in 1970 and complete the track. With Lennon arriving in full peace campaign regalia, the song is the final moment of harmony between the group. Lyrically it told a different story as it refl...

    One guaranteed way to check to see if your song is a great one is to see who else has enjoyed both listening or performing it. If Harrison was to have looked around, he would have noticed that only the very best had ever taken on his song ‘Isn’t It A Pity’. The track, most notably covered by Nina Simone, is a classic Harrison effort. Dripping in la...

    It may not be as instantly recognisable as ‘All Things Must Pass’ but Harrison’s ‘What Is Life’ was a popular hit when it arrived in 1971. It has since featured across a host of different film and TV projects always adding a lifting moment of human connection. It may seem a simple song to construct but in fact, it’s wrapped in layer upon layer of i...

    Often thought of as ‘Paul McCartney’s record’, Sgt. Pepper wasn’t a pleasant experience for George Harrison. “Sgt Pepper was the one album where things were done slightly differently,” he said in Anthology. “A lot of the time…we weren’t allowed to play as a band so much. It became an assembly process — just little parts and then overdubbing.” It wa...

    When artists such as Frank Sinatra pick out your work and label it as “the greatest love song of the past 50 years,” you know you’re doing something right. ‘Something’ will forever remain a special track for George Harrison. Not only was it the first song he was able to releases with The Beatles as a fully-fledged single, but it was also the first ...

  3. Official Music Video for George Harrison “My Sweet Lord” In celebration of the 50th anniversary of George Harrison's classic solo album, All Things Must Pass...

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  4. 25 de fev. de 2024 · Explore the musical autobiography of George Harrison, from his Beatles classics to his solo hits. Discover his influences, collaborations, and spiritual journey through his songs.

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  5. 29 de dez. de 2022 · A list of George Harrison's best solo songs, from 'All Those Years Ago' to 'My Sweet Lord', with brief descriptions and videos. Learn about his songwriting collaborations, influences and spiritual themes.

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    George Harrison was an English musician, ... Harrison wrote some of the Beatles' most memorable songs, including "Here Comes the Sun," "Something," and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."