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  1. Há 1 dia · Wikipedia [ ˌvɪkiˈpeːdia] ( anhören ⓘ /?) ist ein gemeinnütziges Projekt zur Erstellung einer freien Enzyklopädie auf Basis des sogenannten Wiki-Prinzips . Die Inhalte der Wikipedia werden von freiwilligen Autorinnen und Autoren erstellt und gepflegt, dafür erhalten sie keine finanzielle Entschädigung.

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    Há 4 dias · ASCII codes represent text in computers, telecommunications equipment, and other devices. Because of technical limitations of computer systems at the time it was invented, ASCII has just 128 code points, of which only 95 are printable characters, which severely limited its scope. Modern computer systems have evolved to use Unicode, which has ...

  3. Há 1 dia · Cronologia della competizione. 2022-2023. Manuale. La Serie C 2023-2024, nota anche col nome sponsorizzato Serie C NOW 2023-2024 [1], è la 10ª edizione della terza serie del campionato italiano di calcio. Organizzato dalla Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico in una divisione unica, è, complessivamente, la 50ª edizione del campionato di ...

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    Há 3 dias · e. In the most general of terms, music is the arrangement of sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, or otherwise expressive content. [1] [2] [3] Definitions of music vary depending on culture, [4] though it is an aspect of all human societies and a cultural universal. [5]

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    Há 2 dias · Russia ( Russian: Россия, romanized : Rossiya, [rɐˈsʲijə] ), or the Russian Federation, [b] is a country spanning Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It is the largest country in the world by area, extending across eleven time zones. It shares land boundaries with fourteen countries.

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    Há 2 dias · C++ provides more than 35 operators, covering basic arithmetic, bit manipulation, indirection, comparisons, logical operations and others. Almost all operators can be overloaded for user-defined types, with a few notable exceptions such as member access (. and .*) as well as the conditional operator.

  7. Há 2 dias · Le Cirque du Soleil est une entreprise québécoise de divertissement artistique spécialisée en cirque contemporain. Son siège social se trouve à Montréal, au Québec, dans le quartier Saint-Michel. Elle a été fondée en 1984 à Baie-Saint-Paul par deux anciens artistes de rue, Guy Laliberté et Daniel Gauthier et Gilles Ste-Croix 1, 2.