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  1. Rowland Hill, 1.º visconde Hill de Almaraz GCB, GCH (11 de Agosto de 1772 — 10 de Dezembro de 1842) foi um general do Exército Britânico que serviu durante as Guerras Napoleónicas como comandante de brigada, de divisãoe e comandante de corpo sob o comando do general Arthur Wellesley.

  2. General Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill, GCB, GCH (11 August 1772 – 10 December 1842) was a British Army officer and English aristocrat who served in the Napoleonic Wars as a brigade, division and corps commander. He became Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in 1828. Well-liked by the soldiers he commanded, he was known as ...

  3. General Sir Rowland Hill. General Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill of Almaraz, was born 11 August 1772, the second son of Sir John Hill and Mary Chambre. Hill studied the techniques of war in Strasbourg and was commissioned into the 38th Foot in 1790. There were three ways to acquire a commission:

  4. Home. / Cemitério. general Sir Rowland Hill. O General Rowland Hill, 1° Visconde Hill de Almaraz, nasceu em 11 de Agosto de 1722, segundo filho de Sir John Hill e Mary Chambre. Hill estudou as técnicas de guerra em Estrasburgo e recebeu uma comissão para ingressar no “38th Foot” em 1790. Havia três meios para obter uma comissão:

  5. Article History. Hill, Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount, Baron Hill of Almaraz and of Hawkestone, Baron Hill of Almaraz and of Hardwicke. Born: August 11, 1772, Hawkstone, Shropshire, England. Died: December 10, 1842, Hardwicke Grange, Shropshire (aged 70) Role In: Peninsular War.

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  6. Podcast on the Battle of Almaraz: Rowland Hill’s resourceful destruction of the fortified French bridge of boats at Almaraz over the River Tagus on 19 th May 1812 during the Peninsular War: John Mackenzie’s podcasts

  7. 4 de jan. de 2019 · Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland Hill, 1º viscount Hill of Almarez, Hawkestone and Hardwicke (1772- 1842) was one of the ablest Generals of the Peninsular War and second-in-command to Lord Wellington in the last period of the War.